Tuesday, 4 February 2014


This must surely be the best of time for Nollywood star actress, Ayo Adesanya as she clocked 20 years in the acting industry.
For her, acting started right from primary school in St. Ann's, Ibadan, when the Nigerian Television Authority used to take cameras to her school and tell them to act Shakespeares' plays. She also took part in a lot of drama competitions. But professionally, she started In 1996 after her national youth service. Briefly after her NYSC, she worked in a company at Agege, Lagos, and she was living in Lekki. After a year, she got suspended from the office when she couldn't meet up with time. Without wasting time, she seized the opportunity to attend an audition at African Independent Television (AIT) where she met someone who said he was going for auditioning. From there, she met with Zeb Ejiro and she later left  his office for Opa Williams' office where she was auditioned for 'Onome'. After a few takes in some films, she founded herself in Tunji Bamishigbin's soap, Palace. One thing let to another that she had to mellow down for times and she bounced back, she met herself in the Yoruba movie and she has since been on top of the game.
This year marked her 20 years on stage and the actress according to those in the known is planning to celebrate it big.

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