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PROPHET PAUL HILDA MAFUAH arresting message of hope and deliverance through the years the ministry has grown into a big church had lots to feel good about leaving an indelible imprint that has towered beyond unmatchable grace. The down to earth man of God who is the G.O of God's Preparatory Ministry recently in total obedience to his calling rolled out drums to mark his 40th birthday. In this interview he opened up on his experiences and what life means to him after four decades on earth with Chinedu Michael…

How do you feel celebrating your 40th birthday?

I am very excited celebrating my birthday this beautiful day of my life. There is no year come by that I don't celebrate my birthday. But this one is a prophet one. I normal call friends, well wishers and pastor friends to mark my birthday. Interestingly most of the time, I either go to orphanage homes or with friends to the beach.

What we saw here today is more appealing, what would you say made it unique?

It was designed to give God his due glory. When I was 37 years old, the Lord spoke to me that I should not mark my birthday until I'm 40.The Lord told me specifically that at my 40th birthday a house and other goodies of life would be given to me. And I remember sharing it with the congregation that the Lord says I should not make my birthday until am 40.To my greatest surprise it came to past in march 2013. A house and other good gifts were given to me .Over the years the Lord has continue to surprise me. Actually my birthday suppose to be celebrated on 26 December, 2013 but because of planning and logistics it was lifted till this day.

When your birthday was shifted to this day, do you have a strong believe it will be this splendid?

Well, I did not. It is just like a dream. Because we have serious challenge of how our property we are planning to get would be successful issue. The people gave us time to pay up and have our property. It was challenging. As a leader one need to be reasonable to have as a reasonable followership. Their was no way I would have preferred a social gathering to the things of God. We deposited several millions of naira to have that property. It was a wonderful project and the differences we have so far made is as a result of what makes a good team under my care, pull together to effectively fulfill it even to the extent we have gone. With all these, I thought my birthday could no come to past because everything has to done before last year December.

You seem to have established a fashion style that is not a mere pattern. Is it actually a surprise?

Oh my God, (laughs) I can hear you thinking. You mean that I'm looking extremely beautiful in this attire, it is a believe that God is on my side. I see it as a sign and enhance of beauty from people whom God has used as a blessing to me. This is courtesy of my elder in the church in the person of Elder Dangwa. He contracted a fashion expert from India who is here today to celebrate with me. He has made the clothe since last year but was kept for today to instill an atmosphere of happiness and God's faithfulness.

Can you share what you know more importantly and what you imagine that made this birthday fantastic?

It is a self-reinforcing of the prophetic word of God that came to me many years ago. I'm over whelmed the way people overstepped to give me this wonderful treats. I know before then that we have the issue of money. A son of mine who is also a partner in the ministry was able to make a difference. A ten man committee was inaugurated and the joy or it all is what we see today .We have to lead, to inspire, to motivate, to guide, to shape, with a difference. It is a great role and I delight in it.

Was it expected as a tall order or the committee sharing God's faithfulness?
Well, I would say from the onset that the committee started working on their own and I wasn't part of it. I did not know the countless efforts they were making until everything became very impromptu. Yes it was to me. I only joined them the last Sunday to my birthday at least to know how far they have gone so that I don't become loss in my day.

Can you tell us when you started your ministry?

I started God's Preparatory Ministry when I was 24 years old. It was a long time ago precisely 1998. I can't get very wordy and complex because God is faithful. Without God it is not worth taking a moment.

God knows you need the skills, strength, and grace to deal with difficulties. How has it been in your ministry life?

We must come to a point in life where we decide and believe what the bible says. Do we believe that Jesus Christ took away our sin. If you have that at the back of your mind challenges will come and go the way they came. I believe the right to do well is when you take what God put in your hand seriously. Our crawling, standing and walking period wasn't easy. God is faith. I wasn't a pastor before but was worshipping in a church as a prayer warrior when the message came and immediately I did not make excuse. People have already started calling me pastor before I became one.

When was God's Preparatory Ministry inaugurated?

The church was inaugurated 14th February 1998.

What was your major challenge then?

My problem then was space. I tried to get a space at one hotel but their was no chair. I begged one Sunday like that to get a rented chair and to my greatest surprise all of them settled my request without collecting a kobo because God is at work.

At 40, what are we expecting?

Life has just begun at 40. This is the age of great commitment it also signify strength. I am also trusting God to do more exceeding things on what He has trusted into my hands. I wrote a book that is been lunched today. I am starting an outreach ministry that will drive the world to keep on pressing for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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