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Josephine Oluwajobi is the CEO of Eloquent Speech International. An organisation set up to deal with speech training and etiquette for individuals, they also run public speaking training for people who wants to move to the next level in their chosen career especially in the way they speak and present themselves to the general public. Josephine who hails from Delta State, Nigeria speaks recently about her organization and its benefits to the public in this interview with Gbolahan Adetayo. Excerpt

When Was Eloquent Speech International established and why?

Eloquent speech was established some years ago to solve problems common in Nigeria among people in the area of eloquence. Eloquent Speech International has come to fill that gap, to make people speak better, present themselves better to the public and show better skills in the area of communication.

Is the school like a University?

Eloquent International is a finishing school. The kind of trainings we give people are not offered in higher institutions of learning. What we do is train people on how to behave in the larger society like civilized people. You may have a First Class in the University, but that's not enough. That doesn't guarantee your ability to behave appropriately as expected. We have some people in our society today who are intelligent but lack the ability to interact in accordance with their resume. You need social carriage. You need to be able to carry yourself with grace.

How long have you been doing this?

We've been doing this for the past four years now. People can benefit by registering with us. We also do executive training. We come to people's house or offices to give them trains.

Who are your clients?

We've trained some top politicians, executives, even broadcasters. Our services are needed by everyone. One of the challenges in the country is that most people lack the right etiquette even in the corporate world.

Can you give us the names of some prominent people you've trained?

No, I would have given you names but it wasn't part of our agreement with our clients. Most of them wants their privacy.

So what has been the response so far?

It's be quite encouraging. As a matter of fact, we have been getting some form of referral from people who we have worked with. They keep referring people around them who need our services to us.

What are your challenges since you started this job?

There are a couple of challenges. I will use a scenario to explain. If you are a make-up artist and you are to work on a bride for instance, the bride might already has a smooth face, it makes your job very easy. However, if the bride has got pimples, wrinkles and what have you on her face, you are going to have a harder job to do.

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