Saturday, 23 November 2013

THE DECAYING STATE OF NIGERIAN MCs: How They Cast Spell On Guests To Crack Jokes in parties!

Casting spell on people in the respect of cracking jokes at most events seems to be the order of the day in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, especially in the comedy/Master of Ceremony genre, and If care is not taken, with the kind of new activities being indulged in by these so called Masters of Ceremony most especially the up and coming guys, the Nigerian entertainment industry may end up destroying the future of Nigerian youths who are touted tomorrow leaders; this is on account of their nonchalant attitude and the most unthinkable things they always utter.

Aside the repetition of jokes , they have now introduced another method of forcing people doing what they are not interested in some of which is placing curses on people at the occasion before they crack jokes. Some of their spells read thus "clap yourself the number of years remaining for you to live on the planet earth", "if you know you want to prosper, wave your hands", "shout amen if you believe you'll see the last day of the year", and so on. And they say there is power in the tongue. This has begin to irritate some notable Nigerians who have now in one way or the others rejected to be guests at functions. In a recent party held some where in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigerian an honourable who was to be the chairman of the occasion was said to have walked away from the event simply because of the negative words being chanted by the anchor of the occasion.
However, after casting spells on the guests, these set of comedians/MCs are the ones who usually beg guests for money which they termed as MC's money.

This is a call to whoever is in charge of this association of MCs to wake up to the responsibilities of sanitizing the industry, to wake up to their responsibilities.

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