Thursday, 21 November 2013

PASUMA SPOILS FAN SILY! Gives Him #100.000 Phone

As the saying goes, wonder shall never ends, that is what aptly illustrate the action in which this renowned fuji musician, Alabi Pasuma, the Oganla 1 displayed at an event recently in Lagos, particularly at an Anchor Events Place, Ikeja, Lagos during the launching of Femi Adebayo's Fuji tabi Theatre Series 2. Some months ago, precisely in july,a programme was held at the graduation programme of J-15 School of Drama and this special programme was exchanging of gifts between the graduants and the invited celebrities.
Oganla was to be among the celebrities but he couldn't make it that day due to the reasons best known to him. But at the launching of Fuji tabi Theatre, Pasuma exchanged his gift with the little boy Taiwo Omoniyi who presented a big frame photo that carries Pasuma's picture, but in return, Pasuma's gift was so surprising and upped tempo. He returned the gift to Taiwo who enrolled in Femi Adebayo's J-15 School of Drama 2 years ago. What surprised everyone at the event was when he told the boy to unfold the wrapped gift, Taiwo met a brand new BlackBerry Q10 worth of #100.000 in the package.

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