Monday, 16 September 2013


Francis Edeh and Ann, and 2 others have died in a car crash over the weekend on the Ugep-Abakaliki Road. The couple, both from Ebonyi State and resident in Calabar, Cross River State, were on their way to Abakaliki to thank family members who attended their wedding on Saturday, September 7, in Calabar. On getting to Amudo village, some 30 kilometres to Abakiliki, their Toyota Camry car developed an electrical fault and they sought the services of an auto-electrician, Omaka. But because he couldn't fix the car, he got another electrician, Luke from the neighbouring town, Onueke. It was when Luke came that there was trouble between him and late Ann(the bride).

He carried on with the work, but then advised the couple to leave the car till Monday. At that point, Ann became angry and the couple left for Abakiliki. The next day(Sunday), they were on their way to Amudo with Ortuh, another electrician in Abakalilki. It was on their way the chartered vehicle they boarded had a burst tyre and collided, head-on, with a tanker and the 4 of them died instantly.

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