Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Body they say is not a stone, that is the suitable adage to describe the sudden illness of this popular Octogenarian Nigerian juju/High life musician, Fatai Rolling Dollars which some people termed as a result of the popular herbal mixture Yoyo Bitters which he admitted to be energising him.
When Rolling Dollar endorsed the herbal mixture called 'Yoyo Bitters' as the source of his youngish look and stay healthy at over 80, many senior citizens and even the young ones as well, patronised the product more.

The advert, endorsed by the energetic musician, spurred many Nigerians to embrace the drink. At most stores where the product was sold, it became a commodity that sells quick. But recently, the drink failed the octogenarian singer.

The Nigeria musician recently found himself at the hospital struggling to stand on his feet. This has brought concerns to many Nigerians that once embraced the product, some of who now have doubts about the potency of the product once believed to make them strong.

However, some quarters disagree that 'Yoyo Bitters' has nothing to do with Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar's illness. They argued that it is only a matter of old age and nothing near 'Yoyo Bitters' intake.

Meanwhile, those who see Rolling Dollar as their role model have eventually looked the other way from the one time embraced product.

Nigerians are now pleading to the government to regulate the production of herbal products in Nigeria with stringent laws to check mate what is being sold to its citizens.

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