Friday, 19 April 2013

SEGUN ODEGBAMI'S 1st DAUGHTER,TOKE'S MARRIAGE IN TROUBLE Says: "I'M fed up with the Man, I don't Love Him Anymore"

Omotoke adufe Mogokeola Odegbami is the first child of football legend, Chief Segun Odegbami who did so much to make his country proud when he was in the Greem Eagles. The easy going Toke is into food and fashion business which she has been doing for years. Having worked with Taste Fried Chicken (TFC) as an outdoor caterer, she also set up a gigantic canteen in Abeokuta and Wuse 2 in Abuja called Asabi Olowoshibi before she relocated to Lagos after her marriage in 2010. She's current the Head of Operations of the Decore Hotel and Chicken Lovers owned by Lagos socialite, Wale Oduwale. She was once married to a popular Igbo big boy known as Emeka Ogo. Though, it wasn't legal but she had 2 kids for him before he died years ago. Subsequently, she got married to an America based Aremu jogunosimi Mogokeola and their union is blessed with a son. In this interview with GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, Toke spoke on her career, Life and why she's seeking divorce of her marriage to Aremu among other sundry issues. Excerpts: For how long have you been doing this? Sometimes ago, I travelled to Lebanon to study food technology and catering runs in the family. It runs in the famy both in father and mum side. This has been my passion all my life, but what made me love it more was when I was working with Taste Fried Chicken. The woman thought me so many things which encouraged me before I went into it fully. She gave me room to prove myself which I obviously did well. What she does is to push me to governors and other bigwigs for their events. I have come to realise that whatever you know doing best, just be perfect at it because you never can tell who's watching you.   Does it mean you inherited it from your family? I didn't not inherit it. My father is an ex-footballer while my mum is into events but I was in school, I enjoyed cooking. How about the hotel? I have been into that before but chief Dele Oduwale gave me the opportunity to run his hotel known as Decore Hotel and suits in Lagos. What prompted the idea of you leaving TFC for chicken lovers? Would you say your father's status helped your career? No doubts... My father's status stand while mine also stand. I love him so much and I pray to make him proud of me anywhere I go. He doesn't force his children to go into a vocation because of his connections, rather, he will encourage you in whatever you lay your hands on. He will tell us that don't mess up with the name he has built years back and we should try to build ours as well. People may pay attention to me when you mention his name but if am not good in what I am doing, they will lose interest in me. I do my things with passion not with my father's stand in the society and that is why I am able to move on. You are more like a tom boy, can you take us through your marital status? Ha! That is a story I don't want to talk about on blogs because it is my personal life. You should understand what I mean.  How about your children? I have 3 kids and they all boys . How about your hubby? He's doing good And who could that be? Keep guessing. We both do the same business. His name is Mogokeola. How did your love story with him start? Our meeting was marvellous. He called me one day that he got my number through somebody that he needed my service as a caterer and whenever I hear that, my ears comes up and that was how I paid attention to him. Then, he was in America and later, one thing led to another and we started talking about marriage and I was like you wanna marry me? Never because I have 2 kids already and I wasn't interested in any marriage because men will always use you and dump you, so I wasn't interested. He convinced me to the extent of given him a chance and we got married in 2010 and it has not been easy since then. Meaning you have once married? I was never married before but I have 2 kids. How about their father? He was a popular person. His name is Emeka Ogo. He's late now. Years ago, I was in the news when they were writing a fallacy about me that he didn't accept being the biological father of the kids bla bla bla, I loved him so much. No man can never be like him. But what could have caused that? It was because nobody saw me when I was pregnant. When you her in love with popular people, everybody will just be insinuate things without an atom of truth in what they say. When they are carrying the news, I didn't even bother myself to talk about it because I was young. I just finished from university, but when I started growing, I thought I could find love again but I realised that men will always be men. Some are good while some are bad. Its not as if I am having a perfect marriage now but am happy with my man because I tried to understand him. We quarrel at all times and we settle it amicably. So, I am okay with my man. Though am thinking of divorce. Why? I just need to. We are not quarreling, we are just apart and I can't keep afar from my man. I am saying this because of the misconception that is everywhere about me. Everyone has a personal life and also a past. So you don't judge people with there past. Yes I am married and it is not a perfect one but I am happy with the way it is. I am thinking of divorce because I can not keep away with my man for too long. And if you don't know a man too well before you marry him you are in trouble. He's my husband but I don't love him anymore. He didn't cheat on me, and he doesn't need to do so before I make up my mind. After all I had my last child for him. I married him when I didn't know him at all but now I do and I don't want such again. We got married in 2 months and my father was against it before I forced myself into it. My uncle convinced my family on my so as to marry him, my father said no but I didn't listen to him. That is why I tell people now that when your parents ask you not to do something, please don't just go there because of anything especially when they know the person more than you do. Not because of money but my dad does not want me to marry him. He is a multimillionnaire. He has everything a woman wants. Why is your father not in support of it? I wouldn't know but they are friends. They were together in Ibadan when I was not even born and he knows him more than I do. Could you tell us more about yourself? I'm Toke Odegbami, the first daughter of ex-footballer, Chief Segun Odegbami. I am into entertainment. I do foods, Fashion and events generally. I have been involved in different vocations but I am basically into events planning. I bake cake and all that. I run an eatry for somebody who is like a father to me and I have been able to juggle between the hotel and my catering job. I have cater for events like governors, commissioners and top politicians.

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