Thursday, 2 August 2012


Honorable Kehinde Odeneye, one of the members of the house of Assembly in Ogun State, representing Ijebu constituency has advised the government on how to tackle the nemesis of the insecurity in the country. The Honorable member while speaking with journalists recently stated that job creation is the best way to solve the problem of the sect.
“The issue in Nigeria is not hoodlums alone, it is security issue. The one that occurred in Jos was not bokoharam, as far as I am concern, no Nigerians who wants to die, so the government should create an employment for the people. More so, state police to me is the solution to the security of the county. The state police will know everybody in his surroundings. There is no way somebody can commit a crime in a place that a police who knows the area I mean the hook and corner of the city will not fish him or her out”. He further spoke about the case of his colleague in the house of assembly, Farook Lawan

Farook issue was unfortunate for him; there is always one thing or the other to rubbish the house. Which meant to be a personal issue to him not the house, they want to rubbish him, they would have swept it under the carpet, but thank God for Nigerians. Today some of the oil bandits were arranged. But like I said earlier on, it’s a personal issue to him. So that battle will not end, we have decided to be on the side of the people. The president on the impeachment says we are all the same and I like that statement because it means that he concurred to his mistakes. If there should be enough job opportunity, the act will be minimized to its lower level and that is why we are calling on the government to do the right thing at the right time,” he explained.
Odeleye has made significant impact on his people since he was sworn into power about a year ago, and he has empowered over 600 youths on hairdressing, fashion designing and barbing saloon across his constituency which according to him has helped in reducing the state of unemployment in his constituency down. “I am not preparing for the re-election in 2015 and I will do as much as possible to assist the helpless people in achieving their dreams before I leave the post. I have trained so many people on how to make Izal, Detol, and Liquid Soaps, while I also sponsored over 36 NECO and GCE forms for students”.

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