Saturday, 9 June 2012

ZAFAA extends film entry submission to June 15

AFRICAN film and television arts festival, ZAFAA that has been holding annually since 2006 in the United Kingdom has extended its film entry submission. The exercise that was scheduled to end on May 24 has now been moved to June 14. All entries are to be submitted to Miss Udeichi Franca Obianke and Jennifer Mgbeahurike at the O’jez/ZAFAA office located inside O’jez Entertainment Limited, National Stadium premises, Surulere, Lagos . Prince Samuel Anwuzia, Chief Executive Officer, ZAFAA Global Awards Limited, organizers of ZAFAA Awards in a signed statement explained why the exercise was extended. He said entry submission was extended so that no filmmaker would be disenfranchised. “First of all, let me state that, yearly, we ensure we out do ourselves by making the current edition more unique than the previous one. However, this year’s edition will be something else so we had to come to a hard decision to extend the exercise because people have been appealing that they had delays in sending their entries across. As a result of this, they can now do so easily by just visiting our Nigerian partner office, O’jez Entertainment Limited and do so to the two beautiful ladies that have been assigned to handle that task.” The global event organizer recently signed a strategic partnership alliance deal with Nigeria ’s foremost entertainment company, O’jez Entertainment Limited some months ago which he said was done in a bid to make the Nigerian operation of ZAFAA a smooth affair. He unveiled the partnership between ZAFAA and O’jez Entertainment. “The plan is to partner with Ojez Entertainment to gain the confidence of the stars that built ZAFAA from inception to date and make it more reputable now that we have gained the support of foreign filmmakers and recognition by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC. ZAFAA is an African pride just as the OSCARs and BAFTA are America and British pride. ZAFAA has made Nollywood, Ghollywood and other African filmmakers a huge industry to reckon with. Our Culture is Our Pride and there is no better place to celebrate this than the International and Economic City of London. So, this year we are taking ZAFAA to the heart of London , Lancaster Hotel is the place to be with the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA covering ZAFAA live. Many more African countries are also participating and so this year will be glamorous and sophisticated.” Because of some embarrassing issues Nigerian filmmakers and Nollywood stars faced during last year’s edition, Anwuzia was forced to severe ties with his Nigerian representatives, Chukwudi Paulinus Uzochukwu and Mr. Obinnaya Ehichaya. “ZAFAA has never been associated with visa racketeering but some people wanted to bring our distinguished name to disrepute and so we had to severe ties with them and that is why we are in partnership with O’jez Entertainment Limited that we believe can handle the Nigerian end of the organization. Last year nearly ended as a disaster and I live in the UK , I can’t be in London and Nigeria at the same time, which was why we had Nigerian representatives that nearly messed up the arrangement with some sharp practices which I will not condone.” He advised all Nollywood practitioners willing to attend the oncoming ZAFAA awards in October to deal with O’jez Entertainment as “O’jez is now the official Nigerian representative and partner of ZAFAA Awards.” ZAFAA, Anwuzia said, is a product of Nollywood Entertainment Limited UK, “founded in London in 2006 by me, Prince Samuel Anwuzia”. Chief Executive Officer, O’jez Entertainment Limited, Chief Joseph Odobeatu through his media Company, Media Image Managers, MIM, confirmed Anwuzia’s claim back then. “Yes, we are in partnership with ZAFAA for this year’s awards ceremony and subsequent ones. We have always being partners of ZAFAA but this is the first time we are coming in fully to coordinate things from the Nigerian end. We will ensure that things go smoothly unlike what happened last year that almost became a national embarrassment. We hope this new union will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved,” the statement posted on the website of MIM,, read.


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