Friday, 22 June 2012

AMERICAN'S SENSATIONAL SINGER, B. HOWARD GOES WORLDWIDE as Kennis Music signed him for long years contract

NIGERIA and Africa's number one record company, Kennis Music, has finally signed America's young singing sensation, B. Howard. This is a major breakthrough in an era Nigerian artistes are falling over themselves to sign on to American labels or even do duet with American singers. The deal with the hot singer making waves in the US involves Kennis Music managing his affairs in Nigeria, record, remix as well as promote his works in the country and other African countries. B. Howard is a songwriter, Sound Engineer, dancer, producer and director. Kennis Music C.E.O, Kenny Keke Ogungbe in a statement signed by his media Company, Media Image Managers, MIM, revealed that the high profile label will promote B. Howard and his works in Nigeria and Africa. "We will promote him and put him in the front burner. He is top priority now as the first international artiste from the USA we have on our label. Only a Kennis Music pull this kind of deal through. Instead of going to America to sign our stars here unto their label, we are bringing America to Nigeria. We are the biggest music brand in Nigeria and as such much do things out of the ordinary. We are releasing B. Howard’s single in a couple of days." Kennis Music has other international artistes on its label such as Baby Girl Crooner (Benin Republic), Tic Tac (Ghana), Mz Bell (Ghana) and of course Ghana's biggest music export, VIP. B. Howard's works is distributed in the USA by Universal Music Group which symbiotically works for Kennis Music.

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