Monday, 7 May 2012


In the gathering like this, much more of Nollywood actors in the Yoruba genre especially Abeokuta where the actress virtually practices her profession were expected to trooped in honouring their colleagues and also celebrate the life after death of the parents of one them, but this seems to have not recurring decimal in the hears of ANTP members, Abeokuta chapter as they adamantly ignored the event, while some who could not but given numerous excuses. No doubt in the fact that the CEO of Peak Me Super mart, Elizabeth Anjorin might be bad or good to some people in the industry but it very horrendous for someone to say that he or she was not aware of the event despite many awareness the actress made through media houses or on the new media. At the much publicized event, none of these actors were found at the party which elucidated that there must being a reason for the absence of the actors or probably Lizzy has usually engaged in a combat with them. This, made this office dig deep into the real reason why the said actors were absence, but our finding was obviously inexcusable. Mr. Latin was said to given excuse that he wasn’t in town when the actress held her party while Segun Ogungbe who directed Lizzy’s blockbuster movie Kofo Tinubu that is yet to be released was alleged to have said that Lizzy did not sent her invitation or ASO EBI. While similar issue is commonly happening among them in Abeokuta. During the 41 days life after death of late Ishola Durojaye famously known as Alasari, who made virtually all of them, but none of these actors showed face at the party aside Mr. Latin and Lizzy Anjorin. Meanwhile the idea of organizing the party was to shot the video for sell so as to use the fund generated through the video to support the family that Ishola left behind. GAB's finding revealed that the act of not support their colleagues when they do things of that nature, is very common among them which is very difficult for them to abscond. Another information from other source claimed that it is only when the person involve liaise with them for help that they will show their contributions. This, we gatherd, made the said movie practitioners absents at Lizzy’s party.

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