Friday, 18 May 2012

LATE ALASARI, MR. LATIN MADE ME A STAR_ Yoruba Actress Lola Magret

The name Lola Magret will definitely come to mind any time the movie Bisola Alanu produced by late Ishola Hammed Alasari is mentioned. Lola is one actress who has been in the industry for a while but has been making waves. Today, she is one of the hottest actresses in the Yoruba movie genre. In this interview with her, the sizeable but dashing actress told GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, about her risen to stardom and other issues. Enjoy the excerpts…
Can you give us the synopsis of your latest movie “Omo Loro”? It’s a story about silver spoon girl, written and produced by me, the message is for people to know how silver spoon children mal-treats the society simply because their parents are wealthy. It is titled “Omo Loro” literary means silvers child. So that is what the movie is trying to project, even if they have to exhibit the wealth their parents has, they have to do it in a very elaborate and welcomed manner, not the one of lavishing the wealth with a kind of I don’t care manners. I got the story via one of my bosses, I liaised with him that I wanted to produce something fantastic and different which will impact knowledge on the society especially those that are fortunate to be moneyed and he gave me the much needed support to produce Omo Loro. Tell us what gave you the inspiration before you went deeper into that kind of story? The inspiration just came to me. I looked at the way in which silver spoon dudes and babes behaved in the society, lavishing money without any concern about the masses. Just like the story of Nigeria minister of petroleum Alinson Madueke, the way her child lavishes Nigerians’ money and that is what really brought the idea How many numbers of movies do you have to your credit? This is third movie from my stable. How did you delve into the movie world? l started when I was in secondary school, a friend of mine informed me that she was going to Mr. Latin’s office in Ebute Metta, I joined her and when we got there I developed the interest and Mr. Latin made it known to me that he’s not based Lagos and if I can becoming down to Abeokuta every week, I can start. So that was how I started over 10 years now. Then I use to Lagos for Abeokuta two to three times in a week. So how did you get by in the industry? I won’t lie to you, it was so stressful and difficult but to the glory of God, I was able to make some thing out of it. In essence, we should accede that Mr. Latin made you? Automatically yes! He made me who I am today. But many believed that you are a product of Late Alasari? No, Alasari was a friend to my boss, but his movie “Bisola Alanu” shot me to limelight. What is your educational background? I started my educational background from Apostolic Nursery and Primary school Ilesha, then Ilesha grammar school after that i joined Jubri Martins in Iponri before I got admitted to Lagos State University (LASU), where I studied Industrial Relation and Personal Management. Now should we say that you ignored you first choice for acting? Yes! I ignored the profession simply because I love acting. Years back, there news that you lost your car to hoodlums? Yes, that was about three years ago. I packed it in front of my house in Mary Land at night and when I got there the following morning, it was no where to be found. Did you informed police then? Of course I do but they couldn’t proffer solutions. But I thank God for that because four days after the unbearable lost; my boy friend got me another one that is even more expensive to that. More so, I have used three cars after the missing one. Who is Lola dating? My boy friend is a very caring and lovely man to stay with, after God he’s the next person. but I don’t want to go further on this issue. Is he also in the entertainment world? No is not, he’s a business man. What of the story of you going out with Baba Tee? (Cuts in) Baba Tee? I am not dating him o! He’s my friend. But rumour has it that at your movie premiere in London few months ago, you both stepped into the venue? He was the MC who anchored the event and after that there was nothing again, this is first time I am hearing this. What of dating rumour linked to comic actor Opebe? No ooo! Opebe is my boss’ friend. He’s a friend to Mr. Latin and I don’t have any relationship with him. So, who are your backbones in the industry? It is true that I have people behind me but they are my brothers and sisters; we were born as silverspoon children. And I wouldn’t like to say more about my family on news paper. How were you able to make it to the top? It is God and I won’t say more than that. Aside this movie, do you also have other flick you are currently working on? Yes! Another blockbuster movie is coming from me very soon. I don’t let me split the beans yet. What is your view about marriage? Marriage is important but not compulsory. From 20years and above, you must plan for it as a responsible lady. Some say they just want to have a boy friend and they won’t marry. So it is a matter of choice. Why are you still single? It is not a day’s job; for sure I will get marry some day. So any moment from now I will be getting married.

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