Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For over three years now, there were lots of hullabaloos over the new album release of versatile Lalale Friday crooner, Wale Thompson which many have been waiting to see due to the high respect and inch the juju music singer carved for himself which stands him out among others, based on the agility he applies in dishing out his stuffs after the lalale album stormed market. since then, the musician have been propagating it to who ever cares to listen that his new album No Rival will be release soon, alas, nothing of that nature occurred. Then many were of the opinion that what would have responsible for the delay of the album, but as you are reading this, GAB

can reveal to you authoritatively without collecting a dime from you, the real reason why the release of the new effort of Wale Thompson still pending. According to a source, the musician, Wale said he needs to do some touches of the album which was recorded in the year 2006, and also to appreciate the corporate organizations and individuals who has been there for him and gives him support morally and financially. This reason, we gathered, made the musician have second thought on the yet to be released album. Meanwhile, another story from other source revealed that the handsome but very intelligent dude is at the moment planning to future some of the new act from hip hop world in the album.

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