Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It has always being there that Nollywood ladies are always in search of men to call their own. Recent researches by this magazine have shown that most Nollywood single ladies are found wanting in their quest for a man they can call their own, not just a man but alien ones.

From the fore-going, it has become clear that this set of Nollywood actresses is hell-bent on clinching the identity, due to their dexterity in role-delivery which they know how to do best; but one will be kept wondering with the kind of suspicious lifestyle they apply into their lifestyle. Apart from the fact that some of them are legally married, it also on record that many of them engage in extra-marital affairs and this perhaps is their greatest undoing.
A catalogue of these actresses is exhausting to watch and one will be amazed at how their matrimonies have collapsed over time. One does not need to be told about how many of these actresses were involved in scandalous relationships which smeared their very marriages. Today, one can not say exactly why most of Nigerians screen divas cannot enjoy the best of matrimony, because they don’t always give us the benefit of doubt about their commitment and pledge to their marriage which they vowed to uphold. The list of some of these single ladies in Nollywood who can not find a nest in matrimony is legion. After which the likes of Fathia Balogun, Kate Henshau, Chioma Toplis who’s marriage was announced last year to have faced some sets back, who has tried it and it seems to have worked for them, the unmarried one, anytime they were ask about their future partner or the reason why they remain unmarried, they keeps telling story that they want get hook with Americans or a man from overseas without given a doubt or have knowledge of what they wants to dabble into. Then one keeps imagine what would have happened before these set of Nollywood actresses developed intreset in alien husbands. Recent research made by City People Magazine revealed the real reason why theses ladies want s to marry outside their tribes by all means.

Our finding made it known to us that in oversea, constitution has legalized it that any woman that is legally married to a man in the country, whenever they dissolve their marriage, the properties owns by the man will be share equally among the woman before court dissolve the marriage. Though some of these Nollywood actresses that this have worked for the past might not called for divorce but untimely dead may just surface. This reason, we were told makes these actresses go for foreign husbands rather than indigenous ones.

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