Tuesday, 17 April 2012


As the saying goes, all work no rest, makes jack a dull boy, but in this case, versatile actress, Benita Nzeribe has proved it that she is not in any way be in dulling moment as we were told that she spirited out of the country to chill out in London probably to stay and vacate there for some months where she packed most needed properties of her and relocate abroad for her holiday. But it comes as a surprise when Benita who is surely one thespian who has been there done that, but fizzled out of the movie scene re-surfaced at a party held in Sheraton Hotel on March 8 2012. Many were surprised over the impetuous return of the actress from the UK. Subsequently, City People however went further to know the reason why the actress left London where she see as a suitable place for her vacation for Nigerian, but our finding revealed that the Coordinator of Anambra State Center for Integrity and Development in Nigeria, Benita, spirited in as a result of cold. According to her, “I just have to leave London for my country simply because I am not a fish you can just pack into refrigerator. The weather was too cold for me and that is why I did not think of it twice before I moved down to my father’s land. The snow was so much”. She blurted.


  1. when we stormed the house of Our actress Benita Nzeribe to ask her about the rumour concerning her on lesbianism, she tolt us that there was no one like funmi that the person that wrote about her is one Chinonye Asonye, benita described him as an idiot drog push a good for nothing mad man a gold digger. we asked her how was she sure that it was the so called chinonye that wrote about her, she comfirmed by showing us his text messages. she said the guy want to tanish her image because she refused to marry him. Benita went on saying that she loves her lesbian partner who is now living with her in her own house, that if even she will get married to any man it will just be for a cover up that she enjoys being a lesbian. she gave us the telephone number of the so called chinonye to call him and ask him what he want she made us to understand that the guy in questions lives in italy. she had never loved him but the guy keeps disturbing her.+393881008945. Benita says she must make sure that chinonye asonye dies. This is the latest from Benita nzeribe.

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