Thursday, 12 April 2012

SEFIU ALAO, SAHEED OSUPA IN SERIOUS WAR OVER “OWO OKO” Reason why Pasuma wants the rift settled unfolds

Oh don’t worry! Don’t just be carried away by the caption, Oba Orin and Omo Oko are not in any brouhaha that may cause to engage in a combat. Owo Oko is a blockbuster flick written by Alahji Sefiu Alao a.k.a Omo Oko and featured Fuji music King himself, Alahji Saheed Osupa and Alabi Pasuma.

According to the information at our disposal, Sefiu Alao is at the moment finish the script of a movie which he titled Owo Oko, which narrated the way in which the government of this nation misused and mesmerized our crude oil which many believed is enough to put stop if it cannot eradicate poverty battling with the people of Nigeria, but due to the self interest of our government, they converted public properties into personal purse. The decaying state of Nigerian politicians extolled in the yet to be shot movie.

Sefiu Alao, in the script was fortunate to be among the chiefs in a geographic area where Osupa also one of them, while the two heroes were solely plan to divert public funds to personal properties, coincidentally, the hidden thought of the chiefs tiptoes which made them engaged in unending battle claimed many lives in the village. This, according to the movie, did not meet the King of the Village (Alabi Pasuma) in the frame of mind which he made him fumed and planed to withdraw the chieftaincy from them, unfortunately for him; his aim was unachievable as the chiefs obstinately refused to appear at the elders meeting and kept ruin the village over a annual money received from alien people who rented a farm that belongs to the village. Due to the fact that the king doesn’t want the greedy chiefs to make his administration ungovernable, this we learnt made the king to want to resolve the tussle by all means.


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