Thursday, 12 April 2012


It is unarguably that she is one of the most respected actresses in the Yoruba movie industry who tried all she could to avoid and keep scandal free profile due to the way she comports herself whenever she attend public functions, but that became history when she was linked with several scandals and controversies. Ronke didn’t let this weigh her down as she moved on with her calling in life which she is making it to the top. Aside the fact that she is a celebrity; she’s someone who cherishes Africa culture and dress modestly. Ronke she is always spotted either in a very long gown that will cover her cleavages or another decent wears, but it was a show of shame when the actress’ black jeans string pant was laughing to the public at an event. Though it wasn’t intentional but how many people would she tell and she thinks they will believe her. The actress was at an event held in Ikeja Lagos last week Sunday where she wore black jean and pink fitted polo that vigorously reshaped her and when she was called on stage to say something about the organizer of the event, she forgot to adjust the polo when she left her seat for the stage but on her way to the stage, she realized that her hidden part of the body was revealing itself to people. Those who could not help but suggested that since she knows that she do forget herself so much whenever she wears things like that, she rather go for the long gown wears she is known for.

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