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Nollywood actress, Obet Etio who fizzled out of movie scene for a while due to the personal reasons while fans keep asking after her can be describe as a woman of substance due to her agility she applied into her lifestyle in order to impact knowledge into those who prefers her to others and based on the way she dishes out her stuffs in a very salubrious ways. Recently at an event, your number most informative blogger, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, cornered her where she revealed to us what took her out of movie scene and new moves. Enjoy the excerpts…

In the recent time, you fizzled out of movie scene like a butterfly, hope there’s no problem?
There is no problem; rather it is the blessing of God that surrounded me. Before now, I have no children, but now I thank God for His mercy upon my life, I’m now married and blessed with two lovely kids, a bouncing baby boy and a girl, and that is what made me go offline.
In a very short way, can you let us know about your hubby?
Well, he is not a nollywood personality you have already known, he’s a business man, he doesn’t stays here in Nigeria, he based in Holland.
Now in the Nigerian movie world, what are you up to?
Like I said earlier, I went out a little bit to have my children and make a wonderful family of which i believe that i have achieved with God being by my side. I’m back into the industry and that is why you can see me at this kind of high profile event.
In essence, are you saying that the industry didn’t give you the license to give birth when you are there at the first place?
No, what I am saying is that I wanted to have a better rest and at the same time have my kids, I don’t want a situation whereby I will have a child and start running back, immediately I had the first baby, precisely six months after, I took in again and it was just like a straight forward thing for me and it is better that I have them now. And I strongly believe that to cater for them will not be difficult and that is why I said since my fans has been asking after me, let me just go back to the industry and continue the battle from where its stopped.
Now, like how many years would you say that it took you to have a rest and your children?
Even when I was at home, I’d go to Akwa Ibom state, Uyo precisely to shoot some movies, i did Difference Reasons, in May last year 2011.it is not as if I am stagnant, I still go off and on. Unlike when my governor called us, I honoured his invitation. When I have been invited for occasions I showed face at the bash.
Are the kids based here in Nigeria?
Definitely yes, they are with me in my abode at Okota Metropolitan Area of Lagos State Nigeria.
Now that you back to the profession, do you have any flick you are currently working on?
I’m hoping to flaunt my talent again this month of March with versatile movie director, Chiko Ejiro, actually the movie is an Igbo speaking film and other people have been calling me of which I am waiting for the scripts to come along.
No, you haven’t answer the question right. What I mean was that are you at the moment working towards the level of producing a film you can call mine?
I am still working towards that, I needed sponsors, I was to do a job last year, everything was on ground but sponsors delayed me so much and when I spoke with one of them recently, he was like let’s see how it goes this time around. So I am still waiting, it is not what you can just dabbling into, it is a gradual processing. Nobody would like to bring out his money to produce a job and after he or she has taken the risk, they will also be worry on how to get their money back. So, one has to plan very well.
Now, are you done with the scrip?
I am not the one writing the script, I gave it out to script writers to write it for me.
Among other contemporary movie producing neighboring countries, do you see Nigerian movie industry making it to the top?
Obviously it wasn’t like this before, but I can see a very good improvement in us of which I give kudos to everyone in the industry.
From the genesis, how do you see the industry generally?
My dear, in everything you do in life, there must be a challenge as long as the success of it is what you are aiming to achieve, because if there’s nothing like challenge, I don’t think you can go higher and motivate you in order to bring out the better person in you. So, I definitely believe that when there’s challenge hop to bring out the good result, you know, acting wise. So there must be challenges, nothing goes smoothly.

Now with what is on ground with Nigerian government has in one way or the other weigh you down?
Yes. The fuel subsidy aspect of it, imagine the food stuffs we normally buy at affordable prices has increase beyond what we can talk of, and what can we do than to keep surviving.
On this issue, what do you suggest that government should do to at least offload the atrocious sufferings they mounts on Nigerians especially the poor ones?
I don’t know ooooo, they are the one that knows better, what would I say? Even if I must at least say a single word would they make use of it? They have already stagnated the price, so what would you do with the price, I wish they can even bring it down more but they said they are removing subsidy.
What is your view on the issue of Boko Haram in Nigerian and the fear they mount on the people of the nation?
I wouldn’t like to talk on that please.
But there is this news which stated that Nigerian celebrities are now relocating abroad as a result of Boko Haram, what can you say about that?
Why would someone do that? Is the Boko Haram for me? As much as they are not for me then there’s no need of relocating abroad. If the He that is in me is mightier than He in the world, I am not afraid of anybody because when God has not approved something no man can do it.
So, what is your word of advice to those who have already ignored their father’s country for alien ones?
Very simple, for how long would they live over there? Who they not come back? So I don’t think its wise enough to leave your country for another because of the issues like this.
There’s no doubt in the fact that you are one the actresses who have carve an inch in the industry, how did you make it to the top?
I made to the top through auditions and God that have been by my side.
Can you throw more light into that?
In those days when we do go for auditions, then I was coming from my school, by 4:00am you have already woke up and make sure that we get to the audition ground latest by 5 or 5:30am so that you can be the first person to write your name, because then it was first twenty to come that the opportunity is mostly go to, but if you get there late, I am sorry for you, you are on a long thing.
There’s this believe that before you can get to the top in the industry, it requires some processing which is either you sleep with the producers or directors, do you also go through this?
Well, I don’t know because it has never happened to me. Like I said, I went through auditions which gave me my break, so I don’t know if that is what other people are doing to get to the top, it is left for them, but for me I believe that if you are good you are good for ever. And I also believe that if God has given you the talent it doesn’t make sense if you involve in such ensuing activities.
Is there any report written by the media about actresses in Nigeria that bothered you?
A lot of that, like breaking homes and others are the things that hurt me so badly?
How did it spited on you so much, or you are a victim of that?
No because I have never had any bad scandals.
What do you want history to remember you for?
For my good works that have done when I was on the planet earth because they will definitely live the spirit on the sand of time.

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