Thursday, 12 April 2012


She is surely one of the best actresses and film makers that cannot be toyed with in Nigeria and in the world for that matter due to the numbers of fantastic flicks she has produced in the past and the terrific roles she has participated in which made her a celebrity to reckon with when it comes to role interpretations. In fact, Foluke Daramola has carved an inched for herself to the extent that if she just mimics anything sensible or none into CD player, many will still buy it. She is blessed with a bunch of talents, dramatically, musically, and every other forms of entertainment, but one thing she always having problem with is how to control her intimate life. There were lots of unpleasant stories in the past written about the intimate life of the actress before and after he got married to a pilot who is surname is Shobowale, before their short time marriage hit the rock like the ensuing Sosoliso-Air Crash in 2005. The actress who we gathered is at the moment building her own abode somewhere in Opelu, Giwa Oke Aro Metropolitan Area of Ogun State we can authoritatively reveal to you that is presently in hot romance with Fasholamania boss, Kayode Ezikel Salako.

According to a reliable source, Foluke made a confession at a location that she is the sweet on the heart of Kayode Salako when she was provoked by the authority of the location place. She was said to have stormed location for her new movie which she is working on where she made the confession on Sunday Appril 1st , at about 2:00pm when she arrived at the hotel which she chose to be a location for her somewhere around Abo-Aba Street, Oke-Ira, Lagos, that they are dating. We were told that Foluke wanted to start her work on this fateful day, and when the management of the hotel saw her and crew, they hastily switched off their generator since it wasn’t up to time to put on which got to her nerves. Then, she started displaying annoyance, placing several calls to Kayode Salako. Shortly after that, Fasholamania boss drove in and Foluke Daramola we leant forgot herself that she was in the public where the men of underground, who’s pen always rove were there with her but their identity were anonymous to her and said this in Yoruba language that thank God my husband is around (Olorun muyin Okomi naa lo wolede yin). And truly when Mr Fasholamania highlighted from his white colour Toyota Camry, the action they both displayed when greeting each other was out of a mere friendship. Interestingly, Moji Olaiya, Mercy Aigbe and others stormed the location with her to make sure that the effort becomes a success.

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