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Exclusive interview withNigerian Next Top MOGUL. Tales of two Dabota: day time Dabota and night time Dabota. Her RARE PASSION

this is unedited intrview from the publicist of Dabota

QUEEN DABOTA LAWSON is as intriguing as the extraordinary character she plays in society. BEAUTY QUEEN turned global phenomenon, has conquered the world with her “personal swagger”. After several month of trying to reach out with, DABOTA LAWSON. We finally get the chance to have a one on one talk with the very busy beauty queen.
At about 12 pm we notice the 5’11inches beauty walking up the stairs towards us, she walked in a way I imagined the goddess Diana would if she had dropped to earth on a mission – long graceful strides, with a mass of golden –brown hair falling down her straight back. She reminded me of young Bianca.
Miss Lawson who was dressed in a low- cut, sheer cream blouse tucked into a belted blue short skirt with sky-high platform pumps, she looked as she usually does, both exotic and curvy.
In the past 6 months, there’s no doubt that Miss Lawson is the new craze in the media and is taking over almost any industry she lays her hands on. The young beauty queen who is also a financial economics graduate and a professional accountant has combined both beauty and brains which has led to an amazing success story.

By day Dabota Lawson, is the beauty queen and model turned television personality, with a string of businesses, charity organization she owns and manages. By night, Dabota Lawson is busy organizing, planning and hosting major events.
Dabota Lawson has taken on another project of a reality TV show which is centered on tourism and life style and is currently in the process of shooting. Miss Lawson says “The show is aimed at creating awareness and educating people all over the world about life style in Nigeria, resources and different sectors that affect our everyday life.”

She says “everything I’ve done in entertainment has been centered on my life, and only a few time I’ve had to get into a fictional character, but always has been me, which has been thankfully followed up by the media in a positive light. I’ve always been popular for being me. On the show and in real life I’ve managed to maintain my persona which is glamorous, family oriented and hard working. I take my role seriously and although I am the main host for the show and there will be some element of me revealing my life in all its simple complications to the people who would watch the show, the people who read my blog ,the ones that follow me on twitter and other social networks. I’m super excited with this new project and all the amazing people who imp working with because they are the best in the business.
Have you always been a fan of reality shows?
Yes indeed.
What was your highlight of 2011?
So far so good 2011 was a remarkable year for me, I’ve achieved and accomplished so much with the help of God family and friends
What makes you feel as if you can rule the world?
My faith in God, My amazing family, my wonderful friends and the beautiful people I work with.

Which career moment do you look back on most fondly?
I’m still very young and haven’t yet reached a point where I can say I want to retire and look back on anything, I’m still growing and working towards a target, however there some things I’ve done in the line of my career that when I think about I know I’ve made this right decision as to where imp heading.

Its seems as though there so much on your plate at the moment , please tell us how you do it and why you choose to do so many things .
In this day and age I don’t see any reason why anyone should limit themselves to just doing one thing, one life to live; sky’s the limit why not. I can’t and won’t give up on anything I can do, not a lot of people know what talents they have, but I have been privileged to discover the many talents that I’ve been blessed with. My brain works like lightening sometimes I come up with the most insane idea and concept and people look at me and try to see if all that came from this bombshell. I’m a typical Gemini, it’s hard to stop thinking and being innovative. Sometimes it feels like a gift and a curse. My friends often tease me and say “Dabota the Kimora Lee of Nigeria, some say the Kim Kardashian of Nigeria and even me n my manager are called the Karl Lagerfeld and Kimora of the Nigeria entertainment industry”. I don’t it should surprise anyone that
I can dance, sing, act, model, present, host and organize events, I’m good with graphic designs, I direct photo shoots and fashion shows. I’m not one of those people who just goes on to do a job and walk away for instance, if I go for a photo shoot I don’t just stand there like a mannequin I try to get involved with the whole process and bring in my idea, I like to see how it’s the photo is being edited and I ask a lot of question. I’ll probably go home and practice doing a photo shoots with my sisters and friend and try editing it on less complicated software.
That how I learn, that that I am that’s how I think everyone should be. Otherwise life would be boring.
6. What is the most challenging aspect of producing your own TV show?
It’s very difficult. As much as the show is centered on tourism and life style some aspect of my life would also be shown. I’m sensitive as to how that may come out but at the same time I’m passionately wrapped up at the moment with what I’m doing. It’s tough and challenging but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.

With such a busy schedule how do you manage family, friends and your love life?
Yes I’m very busy but I always say if someone wants to be a part of your life nothing can keep them away, nothing will stop them from seeing you or contacting you. My relationship with my family and friends and my partner is strong and solid and that’s all I can say for now.

So who is this lucky fellow, in all your interview in the past you’ve never given a straight answer to who your involved with, please tell us or aren’t you proud of who your with?
{Laughs} you can’t use reverse psychology on me. So forget about it.

You have recently been linked with a certain artist in the industry could this be the one?
I’m not surprised and I knew a day would come when I would be allegedly linked to someone, because no one knows anything about my love life. those are things I classify as cheap thrills used in the media to sell papers. Until I come out and say this is the man I’m in love with ,which is really not anyone’s business in the first place any mentioning of names or pairing up by whosoever is FALSE.
So how do you deal with men in the industry? Surely a beautiful woman like you must be the toast of everyman.
I thought this interview was about me and my work. Toast of everyman? I don’t know about that.
Okay so who would you say was your woman of the year 2011?
Michelle Obama is my number one woman of the year, I follow up on news about her and work that she does, and she is truly blessed.
Oprah Winfery whom I congratulate for a life time of good deeds and pure genuine dedication to her line of work.
Kimora lee when I see here I see myself.
Boma Lawson my super mum who is just all out amazing
What is your secret weapon?
Omg! I can’t really say I’m flexible so it’s constantly changing depending on what I’m aiming for.
How would you describe yourself and what qualities/character traits in you have helped you excel?
I’m an honest person with an open mind, I grew up with loving parents who gave me everything I ever wanted and spoiled me rotten, but they never forgot the importance of teaching me the way of the lord and how to remain humble. Also I’m a typical Gemini and everyone knows Gemini’s are fun loving, intelligent, humble people. I guess these are the qualities I posses that have helped me excel
How would you describe your style now?
My own style is very feminine, elegant and chic. I like to be edgy at times, but always with a classic twist
15. What’s your everyday motto?
With God all things are possible.
Is there anything in your life that has made you feel insecure?
I always feel like whatever I do is not enough, or I should be doing something more, making something better. There are so many things I’ve done in the industry, jobs with lots of artist and film stars, producers and director that I do not get credit for because I’m my own worst critic. I choose to hide it from people, just in the same way I don’t watch myself on TV and hardly read my interviews when they come out in the papers, my mum is the one that does that cause truth is I will begin note down all that’s wrong with it.
What is beauty?
Real beauty is that which is within, a kind heart and a gentle spirit. Those are qualities that can make anyone beautiful and can never fade away.
Can you tell us your Definition of success?
Making use of every resource, skill and talent available to you regardless of the end result.

What the most valuable advice you’ve been given?
There is no such thing as a general reality. You must do everything you can and use all the strength with you to achieve your goal in life without thinking too much of what other people think because when reality hits you need to be sure it’s what you want, it’s where you alone want to be.
What are your dreams for 2012?
Wow! That’s a huge question; I’m looking forward to a more peaceful hoping and praying that 2012 would be the end of power failure in every state and community in Nigeria. I have dream of more active youths participating and even taking over every sector and industry in our nation. More success and support from people all over the world in my career especially the part that involves charity.

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