Monday, 2 April 2012


Late last year, there was a sudden separation news making the rounds between the King of Fuji Music, Saheed Osupa, his band captain Perry and his elder brother who is also his manager, but as you are reading this, we can authoritatively reveal to you that the musician and his cabinets have finally reconciled the ensuing brouhaha in between them which termed as nonchalant and self interest of their boss before. According a reliable source, Perry left the band last year due to the peanut he received from the band as his own share after which he must have over work at any event they called upon to electrify, while the third party was said to have been sacked by Osupa himself, but ever since absent of Perry, who joined him in year 2000 before Osupa’s star begins to radiates, things were no rosy for the band which informed the idea of consulting oracle before Osupa was told to settle the rift between him and Perry. Then, Saheed, without wasting went underground for the reconciliation and concurred with Perry’s demands. Subsequently, this office however went further for a thorough investigation of the matter and in our finding, we gathered that impatience if the musician and his self control was responsible for the split as he doesn’t listen to advice. However, tussle was settle in Ibadan the capital of Oyo State by the top Ibadan based presenter, Kola Olotu, Obina Aku, a music marketer and auto dealer and Yaya Adanla, movie and music editor.

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