Thursday, 15 March 2012

MERCY JOHNSON STEPS OUT WITH HUBBY As her anecdote pregnancy disappears

She is surely one of the actresses that cannot be toyed with in the Nigerian movie industry whenever the names of actresses that interpret scripts perfectly in Nigerian or even in the world for that matter are mentioned, based on the agility she applied into her lifestyle and profession in order to make her fans and family proud of her. In the recent time, precisely three months after her much talked about wedding last year august 2011, the controversial actress was reported to have gone blind which was everywhere and also made her to go off the party scene. But recently, at the Excellence Recognition Awards 2012, organized for those who deserve to be honoured by one of the tabloids in Lagos, Nigeria, the sexy looking wife of Prince Odi, Mercy Johnson made her fans goes gaga when she stepped out with her husband at the above mentioned event, where babes and guys were lobbing to get a shot with the couple. If you are very conversant about the news make the rounds about the couple, you will quiet concur with us that Mercy was rumoured to have took in, and also be reported by another magazine that her husband’s family were demanding her for a baby. But yours sincerely can authoritatively reveal to you that the story was absolutely a fallacy as we took critically look at her at the event without seeing any sign of that nature.

Well, we wish her the best in her matrimony.

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