Thursday, 15 March 2012


After her much publicize story when she acquired an exotic ride worth of #15million early this year, delectable actress, Laide Bakare was reported to have involved in a serious accident that almost claimed her life, the diva then debunked the story while many were not sure of until last week when she was spotted looking gorgeous and taking away. But it was very astonished to believe what bad belles say about her accident rumour. Before now, there’s no doubt in the fact that these so called Nigerian entertainers, particularly in movie and music genre are publicity hunting acts who want to be in the news at all time, which the actress might just cut out of the cake in order to be in the new all time like her other colleagues does. In case Laide is ready this, kindly make it known to us if your mission was actually to get free publicity, before went gaga.

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