Thursday, 15 March 2012

EXPOSED! 14YRS SECRET LOVE CHILD OF NOLLYWOOD COMIC ACTOR, FRANCIS ODEGA How he impregnated 18yrs old girl & abandoned her and the child, Now married to another woman + The local charm led to his impetuous confessions

True love they say is not about been with someone you trust, it’s about been with someone who is capable of breaking your heart but trusting them not to. This is what aptly illustrates the chemistry of Nollywood comic actor, Francis Odega, who is famously known as Emeka in the movie scene, especially in Clinic Matters, a television series showing on AIT and other local stations. As a struggling waka pass actor, Francis, we gathered, impregnated an 18 years-old student auxiliary nurse, who later gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on February 24, 1998, and the little girl was named as Kemi and now in Senior Secondary School (SSS1), at one of the top secondary schools in Oshodi Lagos, while her mother’s name is Yemisi (surname withheld), and now married with kids to another man who now fathers Kemi.
According to our source, Yemisi was then living with her parents at 21, Eniola Adesanya street, Mafoluku, Oshodi near Beesam Junction (now turned a school), the same street Francis used to live with his uncle called Okey. Six months into Yemisi’s pregnancy after confessing Francis as the man responsible for the unwanted pregnancy, Francis was summoned by the lady’s father to claim the responsibility which he first debunked but later acceded when his uncle Okey corroborated Yemisi’s claim that Francis was actually the biological father of the unborn baby.
For those, who didn’t know much about Francis Odega, he’s a Nollywood actor and he has acted in more than 80 films and he’s in the caliber of Nkem Owoh, Mr. Ibu, Aki & Pawpaw and right now featuring on a soap opera currently showing on local stations in Nigeria.

The then unborn baby of Odega, we can reveal to you authoritatively is now 14years and she is in SS1, living with her mum and step dad, without Odega giving any hoot about the girl’s upkeep, welfare, education and maintenance.
When Odega first denied ownership of the pregnancy, we gathered, he was threaten by the girl’s mum with native deity which hastily kills known as (Ayilala), being a chronic ijebu woman, and out of fear and prodding by his uncle Okey and one elderly man in the area known as Baba Obi, a furniture maker, he accepted the claim of Yemisi. It was then that Yemisi’s father prevailed on Odega to sign an agreement as to the paternity and responsibility of the then unborn baby (six months old then).

The clauses of the agreement were what made Odega to ran away and since then fail to show face at the street since fourteen years ago, without paying a dime on the poor girl who is now daily itching to see her biological father.
Kemi, a proto type of her dad also have a flair for acting as she has acted in a couple of stage productions and a handful of evangelical movies. Interestingly, the girl was named by her now late mattered grandfather as Kemi Omo Odega (Kemi the daughter of Odega).

However, our finding also revealed that after which Francis packed his bag and baggies out of the street for another one, he opened a video/rental club at next building to Gloria Adozie’s father’s abode at Kalejaye Street, all in Oshodi.
Meanwhile, efforts made by us to hear the side of the actor proved abortive as we tried all we could to get in touch with him but his phone was switch off, and we then tried to chat him up on face book, but there was no room for that.

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