Thursday, 15 March 2012


This is about new look of this Yoruba actor, Ayo Badmus, who was questioned over and over by his fans when he will relegate from the league of Nigerian actors who are chronic bachelor without given a specific time to quit the league not until recent when he was reported to have gone under with a tall slim lady for secret wedding. Since then, many were opting to at least see the choice of the Mr. Lover boy, who loves playing romantic roles in the movies. Recently, Ayo Badmus flaunted his damsel at an event held in Ikeja Lagos last week. Showing his wife was not even anything to write on, but what really interests us was the kelekele love the actor was playing on this faithful day. Despite the fact that he was at the event with his newly married wife, the actor, according to an eye witness who hinted us the gist, said Ayo still had the gut to admired the work of God on the ladies that walks around his seat. Nawa ooooooo

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