Saturday, 24 March 2012


Another death has occurred. It is the death of delectable actress’ uncle who his name is anonymous to us as at the time of filling this report, Few days after the story of an unending tussle of the Nollywood actress, Suzan Peters and a blogger, Linder Ikeji, broke, Suzan is at the moment not in the frame of mind as she lost one of her uncle who we cannot authoritatively diagnose the source of his impulsive death in Benues State.

According to a close source, Suzan, last week Wednesday made it known that she will be leaving Lagos for Benue State for the burial of her uncle during a telephone conversation. Though the source was restricted to some facts of the sudden death of her uncle, but we were able to gather that the departed uncle of Suzan was not that old before he gave up the ghost. However, the rift between Suzan Peters and Linder Ikeji seems not to come to an end has the actress vigorously decided not to accommodate any form of friendship with the blogger despite several admissions of guilt she rendered to Suzan which doesn’t allowed going by the ethics of the profession. According to the first report, Suzan was said to have lampooned Linder and her blog readers which indicated that she is immature by taking it to extremes when she referred to LIB readers as “nonentities” and Linder Ikeji as “fail human being”. Without looking into the cognizance attendant of public reactions when she showed off her BB Porsche as if she was a mobile company’s ambassador or advertiser. Then, the response of her fans on the social networks were outrageous if not gory by insulting her person while some suggested that she should at least apologize to her fans.

Subsequently, we posted a call to her in order to know her mind towards fans suggestion, here is her response “I don’t owe anybody any apology, if LIB readers are angry what concerns me with that? I am not ready to apologize to nobody because I didn’t do anything wrong. And for the Linder, she apologized shortly after her atrocious report. Anyway it has gone and that is, I don’t know why some people restless nature, creating problems where there’s known” she blunted.

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