Friday, 10 February 2012


If what you are about to read is anything to write on after the much talked about cocaine smugly saga of versatile comic actor Alahji Babatunde Omidina otherwise known as Baba Suwe, then these time might definitely not be the best of time for Adimeru Baba Suwe as it was predicted by one of the wave-making Lagos prophets that he may kick the bucket any moment from now if care is not taking.
The young founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ Badagry Lagos,Prophet Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu, is one of the prominent prophets who have been predicting the occurrences ahead of Nigeria and other countries in a given year. Some of his past predictions that have come to reality are the exit of Libya President Gaddafi, the rise of Boko Haram, and the removal of Deji of Akure.

This prophet minced no word over the week when he invited pressmen to reveal this year national bomb-shell he claimed God has shown him about personalities in different sectors of the economy.

According to Prophet Olagorioye, whose predictions revolved mainly around the Yoruba movie practitioners in Nigeria should assist Yoruba actor Pa. Kasumu with three days fasting and prayers so that he will not die this year. Also, the fearless prophet also warned that Juju legend, King Sunny Ade should pray not to go paralyzed this year and not to lose one of his wives and a child. Evangelist Ebenezer Obey was also not left out as Olagorioye assured that he will live long but he should be deep in prayers so that he will not be losing his children one after the other. Self-acclaimed Nollywood James bond, Saheed Balogun and his senior if not for father in the industry, Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello has also be advised to pray so as to avert unexpected disasters this year.
However, the prediction that was most shocking to reporters who by now were gazing at the prophet in awe was the prediction about shining actress Funke Akindele. The prophet confidently alleged that the highly successful actress may never have a child before she will go back to her creator. Though this prophet assured that she will continue to swim in prosperity, but if care is not taken coupled with serious fasting and prayer, she may never boast of a fruit of the womb. That is not even our focus, our concerns here is the perilous which is ahead our one and only Adimeru as it was revealed to us that he might breath his last breath any moment if his mother fail to carry his cross because he has been captured by witches. Hear him; “Babasuwe didn’t smuggled cocaine, I received a lot of calls and messages from people over the issue. I told them that Babasuwe can never be jailed because he didn’t do it. What happen was that, that time was when the world witches were having their meetings and Nigeria was the host and they had reported him that he was the source of his wife’s death. it was what the witches gave him to eat which did not digest before he embarked on the journey, and he was arrested for drugs (that was mistaken for cocaine). They wanted to kill him but they want to embarrass him first before they take his life. Now, Babasuwe should not rejoice on anything because many problems are under ways for him. He will collect the money but with stress, he should be prayerful because they have already tied him down, it is not yet time for them to kill him, the only remedy is for him to pray that his mother should carry the cross on his behalf, if not he will die. He will sleep and not be awake the following day”. Prophet faleyimu revealed

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