Monday, 27 February 2012

Much Ado about 2face Marriage Proposal

At times, some events happen that makes one ask, what is our society turning into? What are our people celebrating nowadays?

The news that rented the day after valentine's day was that of Nigeria's musician 2face Idibia who proposed to one of his mistresses, Anni Macaulay, at Jayi-Jay Okocha's Club No. 10 on Valentine Night.

Everybody knows how the "African Queen" superstar at the climax of his career a few years back began to take advantage of the magnetism. Of a superstar, by sowing his wild oats around and impregnating some of the girls that came near him.

The bottom-line is that 2face Idibia, due to his inability to control his sexual appetite ended up having atleast 5 children from 3 women on record. This women are referred to as his Baby-Mamas.

At one point or another, there have been reported cases of heated public arguement and wrestling between these ladies who constantly compete for 2face's attention. If you think that the Benue born musician gives a hoot about his action, then you are wrong. 2baba as he is fondly called, released a song "Enter the Place", where he boasts of his sexual prowess and even dare any lady to try him and see "If you no go carry bele too", he challenged.

However, while the Valentine's Day proposal has become a topic of discussion in many quarters including all over the internet, entertainment media and Blackberry Messengers, the entire incident from 2baba, only leaves CelebGist asking questions, questions and more questions???

One still do not understand all this noise about 2face proposing to Annie Macauley who has a daughther (Isabella) for him,when there is still Sunmbo Ajaba and Pero Adeniyi that also have children for the musician – two each. And Pero, who’s now based in the US, is due to deliver her third Idibia baby in March. Wat sort of gimmick is that? And some people especially ladies have been rejoicing. Has our society allowed celebrity sentiments beclouds their sense of reasoning by celebrating a sworn wayward celebrity when everyone should unite and scold him so that many of their children and siblings who look up to him will not take after him.

People should remember that it's only a proposal, what's the evidence that 2face will eventually marry Annie before he goes to impregnate another girl or another of his baby-mamas once, he gets in the mood? Can somebody ask 2face if he wants to be engaged to Annie and still use his other Baby Mamas to warm his bed? If 2face wants to show that he is now a changed man, proposing to Annie, while he is still caught in the web of his other mistress, is obviously not the best way, perhaps he only wanted to pull a publicity stunts.

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