Friday, 10 February 2012


It is obvious fact that the fashion now in the blossoming Nigerian movie industry, precisely among the actresses, is the fad for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) famously known as jeeps. This simply means if you haven’t acquired a jeep, you have no space amidst the most successful and respected actresses which has not only taken the industry but stand as a stage of competing with each other.

Before now, a lot of people may be wondering what has become of star actress Laide Bakare. For a period of time she was all over the news for one reason or the other but in a glitter of eye she went underground for reason best known to her, not of the recent when the news about her newly acquired Range Rover Sport worth about #15m broke in second week of January 2012, during the nationwide strike. Then, the news had that the vehicle was bought for her by unknown boy friend who she is now claimed to be her hubby. The ambiguous and purported in one way or the other generated controversies. Subsequent to that, we however placed repeated and anxious calls to her to know the truth of the matter before going to press, but her response was pleasant comments were almost the same with what has been making the rounds about it. “I don’t know why you guys are so concerned about this issue, the vehicle was bought for me not from any boy friend but from my hubby, who based in America” Laide exclaimed.

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