Friday, 17 February 2012

DEVIL WITHOUT SHOE! As Monalisa Chinda goes gaga over foot wears

This life is beautiful, the more you live it, the more you learn, but when one feels too big to learn, it simply means he or she is about to perish, and we pray that our own generation shall not perish. Amen. No doubt is the fact that after work, one should relax, which informed the idea of hanging out every weekend while some, especially so called TV stars prefer parties, which is normal; but when one does these things constantly, it might have an unpleasant effect.indeed Monalier Chinda as she was referred by a tabloid in Lagos, has indeed refused to listen to advice and will pray on her behalf that she shall №τ perish like sosoliso air crash. Monalisa was reported to have brawl with an hitherto unknown journalist at an event held at prestigious Sheraton Hotel and Tower, Lagos Nigeria during the media launch of tasteless TV series produced by Emem Isong and Monalisa Chinda, and directed by Desmond Eliot, entitled CATWALQ, show casing the talent of Suzan Peters, ini Edo, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Eliot and some upcoming acts. Before now, Emem is known as one of the top movie producers with a very big respect based the ways she dishes out her stuffs, but now she has decided to delve into soap opera productions, the latest effort of Emem is very tedious and ambigous which might probably be because of the people she work with for the production.
That is №τ even the story for now. ‎ŊO Doubt in the fact that nigerian entertainment industry is gradually climbing the ladder of leadership, due to the foreign idea they impolores to ours. But in this case, it was totally a shameful affair as the actress Monalisa who did all she could to imitate a Hollywood actress who introduced what Monalisa did via E-News entertainment,Channel 124 on
Cable network at the red carpet segment of the show.

The story according to the eye witnesses,Monalisa was said to have been forming and claiming that a six inches heel she wore was a thorn her foot, which made her introduce a gaga fashion style at the red carpet as she obstinately kept her shoe aside while she was posting for paparazzi and also goes around at the event with the shoe own her hand rather than legs.

Our advise for her is that, if №τ for anything, but because of the image of Nigerian entertainment industry, please amend your ways and always look back because you never can tell who is watching.

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