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Pretty Nollywood actress, Susan Stephanie Peters is one of the most adored screen goddess in the industry not only because of her striking beauty and head-turning figure but because of her acting prowess and scandal-free lifestyle. The Duchess as friends and fans fondly call her was arguably the first actress to visit ailing Enebeli Elebuwa in hospital and donated towards his treatment. Susan industrious nature is one worth mentioning, apart from being the MD/CEO of a high profile salon and a boutique called Suez place, which is has become a Mecca of sort for celebrities,as model she has done so may billboards adverts, and TVCs which includes B.A.T: British America Tobacco for west Africa billboard, fidelity bank billboard, golden penny pasta billboard, UHF long life milk billboard, Haemeron blood tonic billboard, First Guarantee Insurance, Bank PHB Billboard, Mtn Airport Branding, Fin Bank tv and many more.Starting her career in the hit soap operaDomino, where she played Eniola Lord Williams, along side Kate Henshaw & Kalu Ikeagwn, Susan Peters has gone ahead to star in other soaps like Disclosure and US. Not to forget her major roles in blockbuster movies like, Sound of poverty, Spiritual War, God Mother, 30 days, Wicked Intensions, Wasted Effort, Immoral act, Behind the Plot, Bursting Out, Nollywood Hustlers, Mortal Attraction amongst others. The actress who shuttles between the U.K and Nigeria recently organized a one-in-town concert to raise fund for motherless babies , an event which attest to her huge influence in Nollywood. we caught up with her in this interview. Excerpt;

Q: Recently, you organized a high profile charity concert, tell us about it?

A: I was just trying to raise more awareness for the less priviledged. This time, I tried to do something about the kids. I tried to encourage people to come out and donate generously for them. We had the likes of Wizkid and Davido who performed that day. The event was also well graced by top dignitaries including Senator Oluremi Tinubu and the Ogun state Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun who came all out to support my project. The were there physically to see what we are doing. We were focusing mainly on the motherless baby. It was hugely successful. We did it because we wanted to touch lives.

Q: So what else are you doing after that particularly in 2012?

A: I have a lot of jobs going on aside the charity concert. There are jobs lined up for me. I have a couple of photo shoot for magazine covers. I just finished my house in Benue state. The movie project should commence in Janaury and my house which I started a long time ago has finally been completed. It's a family house. I just finished it, and I'm very happy.

Q: I'd like you to open up a little bit more about the movie you plan to commence work on in January; the cast, title and more?

A: that's under wrap for now because you have to work with who's on ground. I don't want anybody to hold me to ransom. I have not finished discussing with my producer yet, once we are done, we can start with the casting. It's a story of love and relationship. It's about someone who dates a model and ended up dating somebody else. It's a normal but interesting family drama. We are going to have good actors on set. The movie teaches a lesson about persistence and not giving up. It's a real life story but it didn't happen to me.

Q: Why did you decide to do a movie on relationship and love?

A: Well, no particular reason.Everybody has their good, bad and ugly sides of relationship. My making a movie on relationship is simply because it's in line with our market here in Nigeria. It's what will sell in Nigeria and any other parts of the world that we are producing. You wouldn't do a science-fiction movie here in Nigeria because not many people are going to watch it. So it's just in line with what is envogue in Nollywood. It's the market's demand.

Q: Can you remember ever making a mistake that you find hard to forget?

A: I won't say that I have done any mistake. I wanted to become an air hostess but I ended up an actress which I think I love best. Most people might not even have noticed me if I was an hostess. As an air hostess, passengers will only see me in the plane, but the job I'm doing now has given me fame even though the finacial aspect is not really encouraging. I love acting still. I'm not doing it for the money anyway, but I love the fame. I like it when I people see me and go "Oh my God, it's Susan Peters". I love that.

Q: Why did you drop your air hostess ambition?

A: I dropped it because, then people tend to frustrate you and you don't get what you want. I guess, it wasn't the end of the world so I decided to switch. I just gave up. I just gave up. At that time, they wanted me to go for a course in aviation school but I couldn't sponsor myself and they were supposed to sponsor me but they claimed that most people they sponsor end up leaving the airline after their training.

Q: And what was your parent reaction to your choice of career as an actress?

A: Oh yes! As long as you are happy with what you wanted to do they will support you. Just make sure that it's not a bad thing. When I mentioned that I wanted to become an actress, they were happy for me.

Q: Is there any public notion about actor that you don't like or perhaps you would like to correct?

A: Yes, it really bothers me when people go about saying actors sleep around or that they sleep with producers to get roles. I have never experience that and I don't believe that really happens. Maybe it's the way I compose myself that has helped me. I also don't like it when people believe that all actresses are bad. It's true that one spoilt apple spoils the bunch. If somebody has had a bad day and you talk to that person and she becomes rude to you it's not fair to conclude that all actresses are like that.

Q: What's your rating of Nollywood in 2011?

A: Nollywood has a great outing in 2011 and it's going to get even better in the coming year. A lot of great, quality movies where released and as you know we are the third largest industry in the world. I believe that we will soon get to second. The government has refused to support us and that is why most people are going into independent production now. The government, if only they can invest heavily in the industry like they do oil and other sector, not only practitioners but the economy of this country will be the better for it. Piracy is still very much alive and well. There is no way we can grow with this kind of problem. Also, the introduction of the Cinema is a big plus. It helped the industry in 2011. In the past, once a movie is released, people go and tune in to Africa Magic to watch it, but now the movies premiere in cinemas first and then after a while, it is released on DVD. So, if you as a consumer are waiting for Africa Magic to show our
latest flicks, you will find out that the system as changed. A lot of our movies premiered in Cinemas in 2011. We started making better movies and we are hoping that we will soon start making better money too.

Q: But the concern of observers is that most of this movies are nothing more than pornography if you consider the level of display of raw flesh, will you say that this is a good development?

A: Yeah, most of the movies in Nollywood now show too much of flesh and it's not our culture. As Nigerians we dress modestly and even when we were growing up we were not taught to dress indecently or going nude in public and I think that all these are part of Western influence which must be checked. Too much of exposure is not good. I love shorts and most times when I wear them my mum do complain even my younger brother. So you can easily tell that it's not our culture. So for the movies, because sex seems to be what sells now, what can I say? Not everyone that go all nude though, some still manage to put on some clothes when playing love scenes while others just decides, well why not just take it all off. It's all a matter of the person.

Q: So if a Producer or Director has a script that demand you to go nude, what will you do?

A: Going nude is not in my own dictionary. It's a matter of personal principle. Don't get me wrong, I do play love scene so far I don't have to remove my clothes; I have played love scenes with Desmond Elliot, Saint Obi and many others but I wasn't nude, I was under a sheet and if you see it you will think that I was naked.

Q: What do you want to be remembered for?

A: I want to be remembered for my goodness. I'm a good and beautiful person so I want people to remember me as some one who is full of laughter and spread it to others; someone that loves people and people love her back.

Q: What kind of person do you which to be in 2012?

A: I hope to be better in everything I was this year come 2012. Everything I did, I pray to do better things and even more. I want to draw more people closer to God.

Q: Leave a message for your fans

A: I love my fans. They should keep supporting me and praying for me. Without them, I won't be where I am today. I will never disappoint them and I hope to be a better me on screen. They should love God and every other person even though I know it's not easy to do. They should forgive one another becuase if you don't forgive the other person you will never move any where. And then, never give up. Even if they tell you you can't achieve your dream, tell the world you can do it. Let me also use this opportunity to wish all of my fans a happy new year in advance, let's do it together again in 2012.

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