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One of the things that followers of Ngosi Nwosu have come to know her for his her way of being called by the names of the every character she plays in movies. When she did "Living in Bondage", her numerous fans became fond of calling her "Ego Men". After "Ikuku" Nwosu instantly became know as "Ije Pon". During the era of "Ripples", a hit soap opera by Zeb Ejiro, it wasn't uncommon to hear fans scream "Madam V-Boot" at the sight of this actress. Then came the humorous family series, "Fuji House of Commotion" where the beautiful Ngosi earned the nickname "Peaceful Peace". All these only goes to show the prowess of the Arochukwu, Abia state born light-skinned actress when it comes to perfectly translating and wearing her character, a skill hard to find in many of today's run-off-the-mill artistes. She talks to Morakinyo Olugbiji. Excerpt:

Q: What has Peaceful Peace got for her numerous fans this year?

A: I have a lot of things coming. I'm working on soaps, I'm working on something which I will let them know as soon as it's out.

Q: You've been around in the industry for quite a long time and you also always deliver excellently whenever you are given a role, what's your secret?

A: It's God. Nothing but God. Without him I can't do it because He's been the one sustaining me all this while.

Q: There has been this influx of younger stars making it into the Nigerian movie industry of recent, what's your opinion about this?

A: Well, I wish them luck. The thing is that, in life, the only constant thing is change. It's parts of the development. It's a natural thing to have new talents coming into the industry. But it's just that, I hope they know what they are doing. The truth is that most of the artistes we have these days, are not really there. They are what you can call "a flash in the pan". But that is not what the profession is all about. That is not how the structure is supposed to be.

Q: Will you say that some of them are getting distracted by the money there is to be made in the industry?

A:No! Money is different, talent is different. They are two different things. It's not a problem to make money from what one does. A labourer deserves to get his wages, says the Holy Bible. If you work, you should earn. So that's not the problem at all, money and talent are two different things.

Q: For many Nigerians, one of the works that really brought you to their consciousness is family comedy series, "Fuji House of Commotion", how was it working on that set?

A: Working on the set of "Fuji House of Commotion", I would say it was good. It was a family thing. We were all there like a family. Infact, it got to a stage we discuss as if we are from the same parents. So, I would say it was an unforgetable experience for me.

Q: Who was your favorite actor in the house?

A: My favorite artiste in the "Fuji House of Commotion", I would say is Gbenro.

Q: And why?

A: Well, he plays his part so well; the way he acts. He is just so convincing. I'm talking about Jude Orhorha, who acted Gbenro, the deaf and dumb guy.

Q: What do you think about the recent decline in quantity of Nigerian movies being produced against the increase in quality, do you think this will add more benefit to the industry?

A: Ofcourse it will! I know we became popular internationally based on the numbers of movies we churn out, but now people prefer quality things not many people are going for quantity. So my dear, if we want quality productions, you must put your acts together. You have to reall do your homework well. You don't want to go out there and do a movie which at the end of the day will not bring you money, then what's the essence of doing it? So that's why I'm even happy now that the rate at which we are producing now has really gone down. If you know what you are doing and you are in the field, let the game play on. But if you don't know what you are doing, please step aside and let those who know what they are doing get on the pitch. Look, the time as come for us to move up and move forward. Nollywood is no longer what it used to be in those days when you use VHS and all that. We are move advanced now. We are more than that. Like the saying goes "little by
little, the wheat will be separated from the shaft".

Q: Could you remember any sad moment or regret since you started your acting career?

A: Well, since I started my sojourn into the acting world, I would say that I had always been happy and fulfiled until I saw a publication about me by a popular newspaper owned by a former governor from the East. That publication was the only reason I ever regretted coming into showbiz.

Q: What was the content of the publication that made you so sad?

A: They said I had Leukamia and that I was in the hospital deing from the disease. They wrote that I was begging for money to pay my medical bills. It was very, very, very wrong! It was not true, not even an iota of truth in the story. It was really painful.

Q: Do you think some haters could be behind the story?

A: I don't know. Infact, I don't know if that guy (name withheld) was paid to tarnish my image. That's the only thing that has ever broke me since I began this profession. Yes, it really, really broke me down.

Q: If you could retake your career step, what will it be?

A: My brother, if I must retake any step it will still be showbiz. I'm in the field that I love. If I retake my step and decides to do any other thing, I will probably be a newscaster, and that is still in the entertainment industry.

Q: When you loo at the younger stars, what will you like them to change about their lifestyles?

A: I expect the younger stars to change their attitudes. I'm sorry, but I have to say this, many of the younger artistes have serious attitude problems and they have to change that. When I say attitude problems I don't mean just respect for the seniors but their disposition to work. That's why I quarrel with some of them. An actor comes on set late and still starts to act as if he or she is the best thing to have ever happened to the industry, hell no!

Q: There has been this controversy about the National Honour Award given to some actors recently as many are insinuating that those who got the award didn't really desreve it but got it because they participated in the Presidential campaign of the current president, what's your opinion?

A: Though, I'm just hearing this for the first time. But really, you know Nigeria these days, anything can happen. I don't know their criteria for given awards. We celebrate people that are not supposed to be celebrated, that's the truth. Anyway, there is time for everything and for everyone. I would say to those who got the awards, congratulations it's your time, it's your luck. Enjoy it.

Q: Please drop a personal message to your fans.

A: Well, to my fans I just want to say I love them and the Lord is their strenght. They should not worry about the subsidy because I know that the economy situation is biting hard on all of us. The money they will use in buying food and the movies, they should not worry. They should not worry about the Boko Haram problem too, God will bless us all, protect us and provide for us. Our people talk say, "cow wey no get tail, na Baba God they drive flies away comot from him body". They should not worry. I love you all.

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