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He is one of the early discoveries of fuji music who stormed the industry years back and tremendously carved a niche for himself by accurately dishing out fantastic music to his fans. Little wonder, despite the many controversies trailing him, Saheed Okunola otherwise known as Saheed Osupa, was crowned as the King of Fuji music in Nigerian by late fuji icon Alhaji Ayinde Barrister. Recently at a party, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO chatted the Polytechnic Ibadan product up where he revealed us the untold stories of his life. Enjoy the excerpts…
What’s good about Saheed?
There’s nothing special about me, it is all you know before now, which is success; I am progressing and give God a big thank you.
From the genesis, did you see yourself going this far?
I did see myself going this far, God do things miraculously, some time you think of moving ahead from one location to another which will not work, and sometime you will find yourself in an unexpected level. That is how I see it.

How do you feel being a super star in the fuji music industry?
Great of course, I am not the only one in the industry but with God by my side, I am able to brand myself and stand out among other fuji musicians. So it is just a privilege for me.
Was it rosy for you in the music industry from the beginning?
It is normal in life to face one or two challenges, before you can taste the sweetness of bitter leaf; something must happen to the bitter aspect of it. So that is what I can say about that.
Being the king of Fuji music industry in Nigeria, how did you see the task?
I see it as good thing, though it’s a little bit rough and tough, but I thank God for everything.
This issue of King or no king generated many controversies, how do intend to unravel the many controversies trailing you?
You know I am from a ghetto, I grew up in Ajegunle, I live a kind of rugged life from the beginning, so the kind of life I live gave me the strength to tackle any kind of situation I found myself. So the issue of controversy trailing me, I am less concerned with it.
Now as a king of Fuji music how will you rate entire Nigerian music industry?
We are moving to the top, late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s music has gone to the highest level in the world, people listen and dance to it home and abroad, so that is the kind of level I am trying to take my music to, so that history can remember me for the great job I have done while on planet earth. The hip-hop artistes also are putting in their possible best to make sure we become number one in the whole world. So I will just say Nigerian music industry “ORIEWANBE”.
Aside music and movie, which other vocation are you into?
Music is my major business but sometime you need to venture into legal business beside the one you are known for so that that one can increase income. I am known everywhere as a musician, they believe that I reel in money, because anything I do is always in the news, promoter says this and that about me, but I am doing my private business which no one can know the amount I make from it.
Are you fully into movie now?
I started acting before singing.
Interesting, shed more light to that?
Acting came in 1980, while I developed music interest in 1983. But I thank God almighty for my life, via music I became all I dream of in life. Music runs in the family, my father was a Were music artiste. He was known as Moshood Ajiwere Layeye, his other friends were prominent music artistes, I was discourage by my father at the beginning but I took the advantage of not living with him to exhibit my talent. I also have an elder brother known as Negro who also sings, he wasn’t creative but talented, so all these inspired me and I eventually found myself doing music professionally in 1983.
Which was the first movie you featured in?
Omo Orieni, shortly after that I featured in Omo Welfare.

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  1. God is kind for king Dr saheed osupa's life. Beyond any reasonable doubt that this guy is in money. I love him and i love all his music. But all i pray for is a good relasionship among other fuji artist most especialy wasiu alabi pasuma.