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The amiable young and energetic founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, prophet Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu, is one of the prominent prophets who has been predicting the occurrences ahead Nigerians and other countries in a given year. Some of his predictions that have come to reality are the exit of Libya President Gaddafi, Boko Haram, and the removal of Deji of Akure which has surely manifested. The man of God revealed to GbolahanAdetayo’s blog the many disasters ahead Nigerians and people around the country which has been showed to him by God concerning the year 2012. Enjoy the excerpt.
as you are known worldwide to have been one of the prominent prophets that do predict about what is ahead of the year we are, can you remind us one or two predictions you have made in the past that have surely came to manifestation?
There are many predictions that have come to manifestation. In the year 2011, I predicted that there will be serious violence in Nigeria via northerner which has come to reality. After that, i said the dilemma will come through Boko Haram. I also said Ojuckwu was suffering for his sins and after he has done with that, he won’t witness the last day of 2011. More also on theatre and music practitioners which has become history now. Likewise on the African Leaders, we predicted the exit of Libya president Gaddafi. The disappointment of Buhari in the presidency election was predicted by me, and also about the victory of ACN IN Ogun State and Ondo State.
But sir, you predicted last year that there won’t be election in Nigeria in 2011, how about that?
Yes, I said there won’t be any form of elections in 2011, but with prayers from we pastors and Nigerians, God changed His mind for the elections to hold, to show the sample was the reason why the first election was unable to hold on the first day of the election which has never been in the history in all over the globe.
Sometimes ago, you predicted the removal of Deji of Akure, what about that?
Yes. It was revealed to me that he will be removed from the throne which is now gone.

So what are the predictions for this New Year?
Concerning Nigeria for this year, God says we should pray for forgiveness for the just concluded strike over the innocent lives that were wasted so that we shall not be punished for it. Reason is that, among the aspirants for presidency, there was no chosen one by God among them, but with prayers of Nigerians for Goodluck Jonathan, God made him an elected president. Then, God revealed that if he won the election that he won’t finished his tenure and his term will not witnesses accomplishment, and I also repeated the message on September 19th in Alariya Odua Magazine. So God said since we are the one demanded for him, why are we criticizing his administration? Therefore, God said pray for forgiveness in this country. Now, God is giving President Jonathan the last warning, He said by February ending Jonathan should resign as the president of this country (Nigeria) if his life is important to him, failure to do so, he will be exterminate by northerners because they have captioned him. God has been giving him the warning since the departure of late President Umaru Yar’ Adua which he ignored and this is his last warning from God. I repeat, Jonathan, God said you should resign by February ending of this year because there are no protections of God on you again, and if you refused to do this, they will either poison you or kill you in another form.
Sir, it wasn’t in the history of Nigeria that a president resigned from the post?
Yes, but it do happen in foreign countries especially in Africa, moreover this can start from him if he follows the words of God.

If he resigned who would now be the president to rule Nigerian?
His deputy Alahji Nnamani Sambo will succeed him but he will also not finish the term before he will be killed. Before now, we have announced that God said before Nigeria can be developed, it will take us 2025 which remains about 13years now, we keep saying it annually, and we disseminated this on Global Excellence Magazine last year.
Who will now be our savior?
We will have someone that we lead us to the promise land, but before then Buhari will still rule Nigeria before the savior will surface and he’s from Yoruba land.
From which state?
From Ondo State. He’s a servant of God. He will use agriculture to succeed Nigeria not oil.
Sir, the savior you talk about, is he a well known person or not?
Nigerians have been hearing about him but he’s not in politics for now. He has once been a politician but right now he’s not. When the time comes he will surely show face. If it is one day that it’s left for Buhari to die, he will still rule Nigeria, because it has been revealed that by the time that leaders keep dying, it is then that Nigerians will beseech him to rule. There after him the chosen one will come.
In 2011, Nigeria witnessed a lot of disasters from Boko Haram, is it how it will be going in 2012?
In this year 2012, another group will join Boko Haram, they will be many and there will be a lot of riots everywhere starting from the north, before 2015 northerner will take over the seat from him and Jega is not going to be the person to hold next election, so if vice president Nnamani Sambo has not be killed or resign, he will succeed President Goodluck Jonathan, but he will not stay long. David Mark also will be killed if he didn’t resign on time because he will also not finish the four years. They can all escape the death if they resigned but without that they are going. By the time the president, Goodluck Jonathan, resigned, there will be a very big war from the Niger Delta that many will believe that Nigeria divide but that will not happen. There won’t be any form of revolutions in Nigeria. The top dignitaries and top politicians in Nigeria will be dying one after the other this year, food stuffs will be expensive. Subsequently, Nigerians should pray over breeze, floods and fire disasters because these are the things to battle Nigerians this year. We should be deep in prayers for two past presidents, governors and two present governors not to die this year. Nigerians should pray for Oyo State Governor, Senator Ajibola Ajumobi so as not to lose his life before the end of this year, after this, he won’t complete his tenure, his deputy will take over from him, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State and Governor Ibikunle Amosu of Ogun State to pray over sudden death so as to complete their terms. Fashola will not achieve anything for this second term and everyone will dislike him. Former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahammed Tinubu should pray over spiritual attack that will lead to death this year, if Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomohle has not be paralyzed before the second term election, he shall be re-elected, the governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko will not win the coming election as governor of the State because they will not vote him, and if he wants Labour Party to continue ruling in Ondo State, he should resign and bring another candidate from another town to contest because none of Ondo town indigene will be elected, but if he uses himself, Labour Party will perish in that state. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo should be strong in prayers so that he will not lose five children before he dies, Awolowo’s HID should gather Afenifere Party and blessed them because his depart soonest, and also pray not to lose one child in four month before he dies, Obas should pray for sudden death but some of them will die this year, the following Kings should pray so that they won’t lose their lives this year, Emir of Kano, Alafin of Oyo, Olowo of Owo. Synagogue Pastor, TB Joshua should be strong in prayers so that he will not end up his ministry at age of 51, Pastor Mobiyina Oshofa and Pastor Maforikan who are the leaders of Celestial Church should be very strong in prayers so that one of them will not lose his life this year, after that, the celestial shepherds across the nation should also pray because many of them will go back to their makers this year. Subsequent to that, three top popular pastors In Nigeria will die this year, Nigerians should pray over war in between Christians and Muslims that will witness bombing houses, Mosques and Churches should not occur in this nation. God said Pastor Tunde Bakare should be careful and decide his vision from pasturing or politics and if he refuses to do so, God said he will request for his life in 2013, if he wants to work for God do and let your ways preaches the gospel and if you are for politics face it and do it uprightly. God said General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida’s hands if full of evils, from the beginning of this year he will be suffering from one sickness to another, this will stand as punishment of the sins and atrocities he has committed, contrary to that he will die mysteriously, but the punishment commence in 2012. Theater practitioners in Nigeria should assist PA Kasumu with three days fasting and prayers so that he will not die this year, King Sunny Ade should also pray not to paralyze this year and not to lose one of his wives and a child. Evangelist Ebenezer Obey will leave so long but he should be deep in prayers so that he will not be losing his children one after the other, Saheed Balogun and Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello should pray so that they will not face unexpected disasters this year, then entertainment industry in Nigeria should pray so that six super stars shall not die this year and they should also be prayerful and rely on God because in finding what they didn’t lose, they will meet there waterloos, the blessing of devil will keep coming to them but with unexpected calamities, so has an entertainers put your trust in God this year, the blessings are not from God, and this commence in August this year. Funke Akindele to pray so as to have a child before she will go back to her creator, she will be reeling in blessing and all good things off life, if cares are not taking, watchful and prayerful she won’t have a child before she dies. The glory of gospel musician, Tope Alabi will keep radiating before another female gospel singer will take over, but it’s not yet time, she should pray that while the star keeps shining she should not cry over her husband and children. But someone is coming to take the glory from her and Tope’s name will not ring bell anymore. Gospel singers should pray so that five of them will not die this year, because they have been looking for what they didn’t lost, especially Evangelist Bola ARE. Alahji Kolawole Ayinla popularly known as kolinton should start praying from now so that God can increase his days on the planet earth, but if he fails God said he will die three years and two weeks that Ayinde Barrister died. Dilemma that will claims lives of presidents in African is underway. Police Officers also should engage in prayers because Boko Haram and Arm robbers will kill a lot of them while some will die by accidents. Nigerians should pray over air crash because two air craft will crash and the victims are going to be top prominent people of Nigeria, and Boko Haram will intentionally crash five. People should pray over seven airs crash in other foreign countries because there’s going to be terrible event in other countries, there won’t be job opportunity and other things like that in alien countries again very soon.
How true is the case of Babasuwe’s cocaine saga is, has God never revealed this to you?
Babasuwe didn’t smuggled cocaine, I received a lot of calls and messages from people over this issue, it first started that I do see visions over the event ahead artistes in the year, but why is this like that, and I told them that Babasuwe can never be jail because he didn’t do it, what happen was that, that time was when the world witches were having their meetings and Nigeria was the host and they have reported him that he was the source of his wife’s death, so it was what they gave him to eat which did not digest before he embarked on the journey, before he was arrested for drugs. They wanted to kill him but they want to embarrass him first before they take his life. Now, Babasuwe should not rejoice on anything because many problems are under way for him, he will collect the money but with stress, he should be prayerful because they have already tied him down, it is not yet time for them to kill him, the only remedy that will escape him is for him to pray that his mother should carry the cross on his behind if not he will die. Except if his mother dies instead of him, if not when the time comes, he will sleep and he will not be awake the following day.
Any message on sports?
Nigeria will not succeed in football until 2013, though they will improve in 2013 but they won’t win the triumph, Steven Kechi will be sacked, for him to win triumph in 2014 they need to employ foreign coach to support him, because Kechi’s star is not strong enough for the challenge, without this, Nigeria football will be at the genesis in any competitions.

For journalists?
Nigerian journalists will witness favours, promotions, the upcoming ones will make waves, while senior ones will move higher, blessing will keep coming, but they should becareful of the kind of secret theyl expose this year, because there will be a lot of assassinations to journalists especially from the government.
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