Monday, 5 December 2011


Beautiful but controversial actress is no doubt one of the industry’s blunt personalities. She is very good when it comes to script interpretations and other stuffs she is engaged in, career wise, the plump diva who’s married to a British man is a jolly good fellow by all standards. The United Kingdom-based actress who bestrides Nollywood like a colossus, Chioma Toplis, as you are reading this, we can tell you authoritatively that these are not the best of times for the controversial but stylish actress going by the water tight information at our disposal.

According to the information, Chioma’s marriage is at the moment in hot seat as she is currently pregnant and ever since then, her hubby has been maltreating her which threw the actress in an uncomfortable state of affairs. Although, there might be reasons for such incredible occurrences to surface in her matrimony, but Chioma, we learnt, wrote on her face book wall recently that her matrimony is not in good state as she seeks advice on the social network for what she can do to restore the marriage. Here is the statement “I’ve been married since Feb, but my husband never spends time with me, he leaves the house by 6am and comes back by 11pm every day, he womanizes, hits me and bruises me at the slightest offence, he insults me and doesn’t give a damn about my feelings, he doesn’t give me anything I ask for, I lack virtually everything including pants. I wear rags, and now I am pregnant and I have nothing to wear because my old clothes now become too tight for me, I just finished youth service before marrying him and all my efforts to get a job have proved abortive. Should I divorce him and go back to my parent? Please what should I do? Chioma wrote. Contrary to this, several comments from friends however came in; these are some of the comments, “first comment wrote thus: you don’t need a soothsayer or a fortune teller to tell you to leave that marriage because it won’t work. Another one also wrote this; first of all did you marry him because of his money, because I don’t see why a man who loves you, after taking you to the altar will do such thing to the one he loves. Tell us the root of the matter, followed by the below-listed comments, “are you blind? Don’t you like yourself? You need someone to appreciate you, someone to love you, treat you like a queen, and you are so beautiful to be beaten. The world is yours, choose your happiness. Write me I shall advise on what to do, not to worry okay?,
Some men are animals but my sister, marriage is for better for worse, I believe he will still change, with God, all things are possible. Prayer will do it for you,
Let her live for God, because God knows the best. If you love and trust your husband, keep it up. Don’t facebook your problem, face them when they face you, if it doesn’t work, then I will help you and relieve you on how to win him back”. These are the comments from her fans.
If you can still recall, sometime last year, the dashing actress who loves flaunting her cleavages was in the news where it was reported that she opened a new boutique on the Island after the first one she has in Port Harcourt known as Glamour Riz Boutique, should we assume that the business has also been swept under the carpet which may have informed her to be complaining of not having clothes to wear after she got pregnant, and it might also interest you to know that the screen diva Chioma, who is accusing her husband of not taking care of her, uses an Element Jeep ride with customized plate number POSH.


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