Wednesday, 23 November 2011


He is one of the Nigeria’s prominent architects, and he is tremendously doing well in his first calling as an architect. Besides his first calling, Architect Tunde Ojo has a knack for practitioners of the showbiz industry; this very much he has shown in his out giving to many Nigerian entertainers and he is still not relenting. In a chat with News of the People’s GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, the Ilesha-born industrious and very innovative architect spoke at length on his undying love for Nigerian entertainers. Excerpts…

What has been happening to you?
I have been busy doing what I know how to do best, which is architecture, I do basically office fit up. Everybody knows that I work for almost basically the airlines in Nigeria, I fix their offices and virtually, I have been doing all of these, so that is what I am up to presently.
You are one of the wave-making socialites, but these days we have not been seeing you on the party scene?
I won’t call my self a sociable person, I will rather call my self a guy that likes to meet up with different people, I have a lot of friends across different professions. Everybody likes partying but there is a reason why everyone likes to resign and do some other things themselves; may be because I have been very busy on the project I am trying to finance in my home town, I am building a hotel, and vey soon I will call people to come and witness God’s grace in my life.
Can you shed more light on the hotel project you made mention of?
It’s been a long time dream in which I decided to set up a hospitality haven because of the nature of my job. I believe the best way to do it is to get people in my home town employment opportunities. So I gave it a deep thought, and I came up with novel idea of building an hotel that will be of five star status. At least through this, I can employ almost 100 people in my enclave who will be proud of working in their home town. From there, which automatically will translate to part of my own modest contribution to the society, I will be able to roll out other branches in Nigeria just to give back to the society. It is not essentially a money-making venture, it is all about employing and empowering people, and trying to make them feel that there is life after school, because most of our youths are not employed; they are just trying to live above board even in the face of the austere measures. And the hotel is located in Ilesha.
What really motivated you to venture into this project?
What motivated me is that, there was a time I went for a party in Ilesha with my friends and it was hard for us to get a hotel to lodge. I asked my friends that what can we do about this situation, and the thought ran through my mind which was exactly what led to this idea of my building a hotel in home town, which in essence can create comfort, employment and tourist attraction to my home town.
What is your relationship with the entertainment industry in Nigeria?
Yeah, I love entertainment, but basically I have a lot of friends in the entertainment industry like Femi Adebayo and lots more, we all grew up together. Like now I listen to Nigerian music 24/7 because it is so sweet, look at Wizkid and a lot of them, they are up coming too.
Is it true that you sponsor some of these entertainers?
A lot of people mistake this stuff, the truth of the matter is that I can support any one that comes, if I have the capacity at that point in time, it is not all about entertainment, it is about philanthropy. I am only trying to give back to who ever needs to be assisted.
How do you relax?
If I want to relax, i just hang out to take a bottle of drink after office hours, and then go home and sleep.
How does your wife cope?
She is a woman, of course she must complain. For example tomorrow I have a 7:00am appointment at the airport, albeit she gives me her support, and she will be the one to wake me up.


  1. If we can see more people like Architect Tunde Ojo in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry, thing will be better. He is passionate about entertainment and he did not hide this.

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