Thursday, 17 November 2011


If care is not taken, with the kind of new activities being indulged in by these so called up and coming guys, the Nigerian entertainment industry may end up destroying the future of Nigerian youths who are touted tomorrow’s leaders; this is on account of their nonchalant attitude and the most unspeakable things they always engage in. As if they are hell-bent on bringing down the upwardly mobile entertainment industry, this group of artistes in the making, proved this much recently at a show held at New Heights Hotel, Koye Isale Road, Olambe, Ogun State, to celebrate its 1st anniversary. The anniversary, we gathered, was a strip show, where this unknown singer, with name White Diamond a.k.a Subo Master was the invited musician, along side others like Drama, Skally, Prince Benton, Lace, Smapee and A-one. The information has it that the show which sold out many tickets with just one thousand naira to men was strictly free to ladies. In the course of the show gbolahanadetayoblog, gathered that several obscene things like strip-teasing and carousing of the highest other took place in its entire ramification. The photography you are seeing tells more about what we are trying to put across, and this is indeed saddening because of the level our upcoming musicians have taken immorality to. This now a call to The Nigerian Censor for Cinemas and Music Board to wake up to their responsibilities, because it appears they are some how a party to this immoral act which is fast eating into the fabrics of most of our rather untrained youth. Instead of the board making efforts to censor most of these lewd lyrics, and ban them entirely, most of their operatives take bribe from the stakeholders to produce ungodly films and lyrics.