Tuesday, 4 October 2011

UCHE IWUJI RESTRATEGISES! …Now a Chorister @ Illumination Assembly

Indeed things can happen fast, and it has hastily happened to this dashing actress, Uche Iwuji, as she hurriedly gone back to her creator, while other colleagues we are sure, were also caught out of the cake by moving closer to their spiritual helpers. Contrary to the many disastrous incidences occurring in the entertainment industry or even across the continent entirely, the wise one among Nigerian entertainers has now been trying all they could so as not to involve in any of the happenings. And for that of our dearly sister, one will attribute hers as another way of leaving an holy life and also to maintain a scandal free profile which she tried all she could to keep before bad news of her was bombarded on the pages of news papers, she however came out to give account of the truth behind the many bad teles trailing her with this blog during her thirty years birthday. Uche, undoubtedly is one actress who hails from Christianity background and also cherish the world of God more than any other things. An insider made it known to us that the ever ravishing and gorgeously looking damsel can not do without a verse of words of God before living her home for daily activities. In the recent time, shortly after her thirty years birthday, the actress went under so that the many hullabaloos about her could go under grass and also turn a new leave which seems to have worked for her.The latest story on the actress right now is that she has turned a new leave as she made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as personal lord and saviour believing that her past unpleasant stories have come and gone. Right now, we can authoritatively reveal to you that beautiful Uche is a chorister at Illumination Assembly, situated at Lagbasa Road, Ajah, Lagos, under the ministry of Bishop Isaac Idahosa.

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