Monday, 10 October 2011


That the current Nigerian type of music has now taken over the party scene home and abroad is not a big deal to many, based on the fact that the indigenous artistes have now put in all they could, to make sure that the Nigerian entertainment industry becomes a force to reckon with. There’s nothing again in the foreign music that is not in the present Nigerian music flavour. But the question on the lips of many is that, have we really got it? Before now, Nigerian musicians didn’t use lewd lyrics and if they should, they sang it in a more elaborate way that it would take the adults some time to comprehend, but with what is going on the musical circuit now, a two year-old kid has a better understanding or the message on the lyrics of our musicians. One of the songs is the music of Skally (Meji ni Oyan literarily meaning boobs are two), Saint Janet and the rest. We however spoke with one of the respected musicians in Nigeria, Tunde Obe to know if we have really gotten to the Promised Land. He said “In times past, we had a lot more musicians singing about bad government and things that generally touched upon making life better for the common man. What we called ‘conscious music.. we still have a few artistes doing that today, but I hope to see more of that in the future… that not withstanding, music has really taken off in Nigeria… being at a party in Nigeria and hearing foreign music rather than local music has now become an exception, rather than the former rule of foreign music every where. The young generation of today have perfected the art of attention grabbing through music, which is good because in Africa today, musicians and songs are popular all over. There’s no where on the continent you won’t hear Naija music being blasted. This is good, but I still hope that down the line, artistes will look more into producing songs that have strong messages, as against nice hooks. Commercial music is the trend now. I have nothing against that”. Tunde of TWO concluded. Nigerian music may have just come to stay in obvious negation of foreign music.

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