Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Budding actress Vida Modelo, who just returned from Spain where she has been for many years is at the moment set to take the Nigerian Movie industry by storm as she came over to the country to produce three heart-shaking flicks entitled All for One, Face Value and Fears untold, which is a must watch movie for every home, especially for lovers of African Culture.

If you must know, the Delta State-born diva, who has been practicing the acting vocation from her initial base in Spain before moving down to her father land, even as she is the Face of African in Spain. In a chat with the gorgeous looking damsel, the international model revealed to SE that she’s got all it takes to rule and change the Face of the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially the movie genre, as she has equally made substantial money from modeling, and also studied filmmaking. She is now fully ready to unleash and give a free rein to all her ideals in the industry. “At the genesis, I asked people that how much it will take me to produce a movie, the response was different from others which was odd to me because over there, we use lesser amount of money because we are talking about currency, at the end, each of the movie cost #9m and I made the films in a year. I work; I am the Face of Africa in Spain, I have been modeling over there for over seven years. So, when the money started coming, I told myself that this is what I wanted to do all the while. I got one or two support from people over there, who are proud of a Nigerian girl that wants to do movie” said Vida Modelo.

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