Monday, 10 October 2011

SEPERATION RUMOUR TRAILS PRIMETIME AFRICA CREW It’s a rumour, me and D1 are still intact- Keke

Despite the fact that these two showbiz impresarios, Kenny Ogungbe(Keke) and Dayo Adeneye(D1), have been friends and business partners for decades, rumour mongers are on their heels with unfounded dissemination of fallacious and fabricated tales about these duo of A-class presenters, who hold sway at PrimeTime Africa.

According to the rumour making the rounds, the two birds of the same feather are at loggerheads, fuming at each other over yet to be disclosed reason, for which may lead them to part ways. As if that was not even enough, the arrow head of Kennis Music, Keke, we scooped, is at the moment working on a new single that will be released soon; and that during the making of the song in the studio, the other half by business, D1, told him to make some adjustments in the said track, of which Keke took objection to about the correction. On the heels of this unfounded rumour, SE sent an SMS to Keke as to the veracity of this development, his response was: “It’s an over-rumoured and expired one. As experienced and practicing broadcast journalists (KEKE & DAYO D1), we will announce such a thing if it should happen; moreover, it’s not going to happen. We also believe in the American saying “Why fix it, if it a’int broke” I hope this will put this laughable fiction to rest. Thx!”.

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