Wednesday, 5 October 2011


This planet is an expansive worlds whereby one could engage in what he or she feels like engaging in without hindrances, but this act is not suppose to be happening amidst the marriage people, because it is called extra marital affair.

Not even because these actors are public figures but one of these actors is legally married. No doubt the Segun Arinze and Racheal Omiga holds a strong pillars in the Nigerian movie world both in the Yoruba and Igbo genre, and stand as role models to many, but it was very outrageous last week when this actors were said to have been romancing each other at an event held last weeks back, during the welcome party of Prince Ifeanyi Dike, who was admitted at India hospital for kidney transplant. The event which took place at Haile Selassies Suites, Adetola Street Aguda Surulere, Lagos, we learnt has in attendant top entertainment tycoons, where every one at the bash was displaying the act of appreciation to God for redeeming the life of their colleague. According to the news, Racheal we scooped, when she arrived to the reception of the Hotel, where other top colleagues seated, with her white colour, Buba and Shokoto dress which has little black touches, exchanged pleasantries with people, the female colleagues at the spot were given hand shake, while she made the acquaintance of other male coworker with mere hug, but when she got to the side of self acclaimed AGN president, Segun Arinze, the pleasantry turned a suspicious one as they both alleged to have hug and give a kind of serious kiss as if they were in love with each other, many thought it was normal but for some minutes, they refused to leave themselves on time, but when they both came back to their senses, they got to no that they in the public and twisted it to mere greeting. Contrary to that the actors we also gathered was seducing to each other before they left the premises most especially during the paparazzi session of the show. But Segun we gathered later came back to the spot where the incident occurred to look for his blue tooth. We however placed calls to the actress but her mobile rang numbers without time with nobody responding. But when we placed it to Segun, he told us that she is his mother and what is our business, but when we gave him every details of the story hear what he said “ are you crazy? Are you out of your senses? What nonsense is that? Look my friend, if you write such thing about me I am going to sue you and I will make money from you”. Segun screeched. Well we believe him for all he said and we accedes the curses rained, but we leave the matter to the court of public opinion.

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