Monday, 31 October 2011


Wonders they say shall never end, that is the chemistry that best illustrates the situation of Mr. Lover boy, as Nollywood actor, Ramsey Noah is fondly addressed by fans.

This guy has also cut out of the cake of Nigerian celebrities who believe in face book love. Before now, the attitude of this guy to his fans was reported by this magazine, which he later apologized to them (his fans) and wrote this on his face book wall “never give up on some one you can’t go a day thinking about”. It was slightly unfortunate to believe that Ramsey Noah could fall in love with ladies on Face book when feelers got to us. On this beautiful day, Ramsey, we were told, has been disturbed by a particular fan who really wanted to chat with him but his efforts were obviously unsuccessful as the actor doesn’t reply him. The fan, we scooped, immediately changed his face book picture and replaced it with a beautiful light-skinned female picture so as to attract and arrest the attention of the actor. To our surprise, Ramsey Noah fell in love with the picture of this beautiful damsel that the said fan used to chat with Ramsey. Here are some of their tête-à-têtes “hello, hi, how are you? Fine, babe where are you? Lagos. Why did you ask? Nothing I just feel like”. Interestingly when the guy removed the lady’s picture and replaced it with his, Ramsey became angry and stopped responding. What interests SE on this issue is that, despite the number of children this actor has and many lover boy roles he has played in movies which would have given him the privilege to hook up with as many babes as possible, the mullato actor can still be deceived with a female’s picture. Imagine!

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