Monday, 31 October 2011

GOGE AFRICA’S NNEKA MOSES PREGNANT! Says: Pregnancy is not a disease

The duo of Goge African Presenters, Isaac and Nneka Moses are in a gay mood at the moment as the story at our disposal reveals that the ace broadcaster’s wife, Nneka is pregnant. If you are very conversant with the family, you will quite agree with us that the family has been looking for the fruit of the womb for a long time, but with perseverance and God being by the side of the gorgeous looking damsel of Moses, their prayers have been finally answered and the result is obviously represented by the budging tummy of the lady.

According to the news making the rounds, Nneka, is now on the nine-month study leave to what delivering a tiny tot. In a telephone conversation with her, Nneka exploded “well, pregnancy is not a disease, but I don’t think that the question is necessary. I haven’t been in the news in the past, and if I must, it should be on our programme “GOGE AFRRICA”, and to me, I don’t think my pregnancy status is news worthy, because every woman could get pregnant any day”. She went further to say that if you must do a story; it should be on the already known super stars. Assuming you call and tell me that a man was impregnated, that would have been a good story item to me”.
News of the People inquired further to know the truth of the story about her pregnancy; this is what she told us. “If I am pregnant today, it will be highly welcomed; pregnancy is what every home prays for after marriages”, she concluded. Goge Africa happens to be one of the most popular tourism-oriented programmes on Nigerian television stations today. The programme is being presented by this amiable couple of Isaac and Nneka Moses. They have been co-presenting the award-winning programme which has seen them travelling through the length and breadth of the world for more than a decade.

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