Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FATAI ROLLING DOLLAR, OMO JESU, ESUBIYI IN PUBLIC ASSAULTS! Esubiyi: I will beat you up, you're a mad man Omo Jesu: You can’t do anything for me Rolling Dollar: you are miniature to my standard The messy details inside

As things are going in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it seems that thing are not as rosy as it should be amid these entertainers, Omo Jesu and Esubiyi as they were both sighted at an event held at Abule Egbe Lagos on Sunday 25th of June this year. The said entertainers need no introduction when it comes to Nigerian entertainment circuit, especially in the Yoruba movie, music and comedy genre. Esubiyi, with her real name Bnmi Akinbo Gold, was the star actress in the popular TV series known as aiye ogun omorayele, first Yoruba movie to be shown on Nigerian Television, now known as Nigerian Television authority NTA produced by Ola Omonitan in 1988, and she is also part of the cast of late Albert Ogunde’s last movie. Fatai Rolling Dollars is the octogenarian vocalist cut his front teeth with popular music track, Wo kere si number wa, that rocked air waves years back. While Omo Jesu is one of the budding stand up comedians who are seriously hustle for survival. The birds of the same feather has been doing all they could to stand out of scandal, because of the they probably comport themselves, but that became history as the award winning actress Bunmi and Omo Jesu were caught at an even assaulting each other a contract worth of millions.

According to the eye witness, Esubiyi was said is known to have been battling with Omo Jesu for the fact that Omo Jesu betrayed him at the even. Esubiyi, we gathered, is a wife to the family of Mary Osayeme, who has been there for the family physically, morally and other assistance you may think of, most especially when the family were is putting things together to build a club, event and bar at Abule Egbe, coincidentally and in coincidentally Esubiyi met her waterloo as she was down with strange illness that almost claim her life but thank God for spare her life, which we learnt, made the family of Osayeme to request for the service of Omo Jesu since the actress was seriously assailed by strange infection and the date of the opening of the club was hastily approaches. Omo Jesu we learnt seize the opportunity to make money from the billionaire family of Esubiyi without having the knowledge of who was actually implementing the task, and the actress recuperate, we scooped she was not too happy with the greedy attitude of Omo Jesu and when the comedian knew where the actress was going to, he started blocking her way of knowing the root of the contract.
A reliable source hinted us that Omo Jesu was paid sum huge amount of millions to invite a versatile musician for the opening, but obstinately failed to do so. But the likes of Zeal World and other upcoming artistes we were told later performed at the show so as to sweep the disgrace under carpet. Omo Jesu, we also leant urged the bouncers at the event to bounced the actress whenever she comes in while also said to have been the brain behind the bouncing of dignitaries that was invited by the actress before her sickness. Information also has it that the comedian engaged in a combat with a broadcast sport writer Wale Scott when he got to the venue he was stopped by the men of Omo Jesu.

However, report from another source claimed that, Esubiyi was to shoot her final scene of her yet to release movie Okotunmigbe, but when Omo Jesu the crew of this dashing actress setting up their equipment for use, the self acclaimed rib cricking master sent the crew out when he knew that the camera brought by the crew are more effective to his and the crew are more experience to the camera men he invited, and alleged the crew for planning to shoot the video and sale to marketers. Omo Jesu, we were also told that he was just varying suits and also lied to every visitor at the auditorium that the programme was transmitted live on internet that he will give details of what to do of which he didn’t do before the exit of everyone that witnessed the opening. Information also revealed that the humorist beseeched the Fatai Rolling Dollars to grace the occasion and pleasingly informed him to perform at the event, while fatai according to the information told him that his too young to his level.
Meanwhile, information revealed that ensuing to the silence war in between the entertainers, Omo Jesu told her people around that they should her what made her to be fuming with him while Esubiyi vow to beat him up at any spot they squash each other. We are still digging deep into this rather unpleasant story and we will keep you informed as soon as we get more credible facts to support claim, and update with the new development of the story as unfold.

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