Friday, 28 October 2011


For time without number, there have been many hullabaloos in the Nigerian entertainment industry concerning the challenges which is seriously battling everyone in the industry,known as Piracy, which has negatively affected many of our performing artistes while some who could not withstand it relegate themselves to the background.

The industry is trying all it could to make sure that the disaster is finally eradicate from the industry, but with the kind police we have in Nigeria, the efforts made by the artistes to eradicate piracy have proved abortive as those boys in the popular CD market known as Alaba known to be deeply involved in the illicit trade and probably those hawking for them are always nowhere to be found whenever the police go out to effect their arrest. This problem which is killing the entertainment industry softly has continued to raise some salient questions. For example, many are of the opinion that why can’t they (Anti piracy bodies) pretend as if they also want to patronize the criminals so that can easily grab them. Having heard this, SE went further to get the reason why the mission aimed at eradicating piracy in Nigeria becomes a mission in possible. In our findings, we gathered from an insider that whenever the piracy fighters want to embark on the operation, they do inform the police stations around the environment that they have decided to go for a clampdown of the criminals. Trust Nigerian police, for the fact that they do collect illegal money from those guys, the police men we were told will instantly notify the boys and the boys will take to their heels while the piracy fighters will think that they are doing the right thing at the right time by informing police men. This, we gathered, makes piracy stay un-eradicated in Nigeria.

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