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Sultry actress Uche Iwuji is no doubt one of the most beautiful, sexy and most sought after actresses in the Nigeria movie industry, who has carved a niche for herself in the industry, based on her agility in displaying what she knows how to do best, which is acting. She’s one of the actresses that make things happen in the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially in the Igbo movie genre. The graduate of University of Lagos, Uche has been reeling in many unpleasant tales that might probably make some of her lovers think otherwise about her due to the way the media bombarded her with scandals, but the gorgeous and ever ravishing damsel, we can tell you, has gone beyond what they think she is. Aside that, Uche’s love for the less privileged, is anonymous to many people, based on the fact that she doesn’t hang any air about her activities. Not too long ago, the sultry actress clocked thirty (30) years on earth, which she decided to celebrate at the National Headquarter of the Orphanage Home, Ajah, Lagos, where she showed love and care to the orphans. In this interview with GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, the cute actress bared the truth of her many bad stories, the reason why she celebrated her birthday with orphans, her plans for marriage, what keeps her going in life, among other interesting issues you can’t afford to miss. Enjoy the excerpts…

Congratulations on your birthday?
Thank you so much.
Tell us one or two things about your birthday?
Yeah, Uche Iwuji is thirty (30) years today, I’m happy, strong and kicking, people won’t even believe that I am thirty but I thank God for the nature of my job, today I’m so exited, I thank God for long life and for the mercy journey, you know, have come along way and I am waxing strong and I will just give God praise and adoration for seeing me this far. It seems that today is my wedding day, because mingling with these kids to celebrate my birthday with me is as if I just won a jack pot, I am so elated, because to me, I think this is how to show love and give hope to the hopeless and helpless populace.
Why did you think that going to the motherless home to celebrate your birthday is necessary, because some of your colleagues will rather prefer clubbing or invite dignitaries to celebrate their birthdays, but your case is unlike that, how about that?
You see, a lot of loud parties are being organized by people, and you can do whatever you feel like doing with your money, in as much as no one gives you money to do that; but looking at it from another perspective, it is not necessary, though every one has his or her own reason for doing things, but we should do a reasonable thing. I thought of this as well that I should gather some of my friends so as to dance, drink and eat, meanwhile there are numerous kids out there who want to see us and feel the same way we feel too in their own special way, and I said to myself that why can’t you celebrate with these kids and make them happy and also to make them realize that they still have hope, they shouldn’t give up in their dreams, even though they have been abandoned, but some people outside there care and also have them in mind and always want to be with them, to show them love and care. That is all.
From the way you talk, it seems that you have a flair for orphans, do you have a kind of NGO to cater for the less privileged?
I’m thinking of doing something similar to that, but I’m still working on that and that is why I decided to do some thing like this to see how I can manage it at that time when it kicks off eventually. The idea of celebrating with them is just to push me forward in what I want to offer the motherless babies.
Seeing yourself amidst these kids, didn’t you feel some how, most especially when you are feeding some of them, and at the same time, using the same spoon to feed yourself?

No I didn’t, they might be motherless, but they are human beings like me, I am just fortunate not to belong to that category, if I should, then I will also feel the way they feel whenever they see stars around them. Moreover, we might not bear the same biological name or share the same blood, but we have the same flesh. They were created by God and I was also created by God, we are brothers and sisters from different homes. As far as Adam and Eve are concerned, if I should kick the bucket today and they also go to meet their makers, my brother, we are going to the same place, where we will give an account of what we have done on planet earth; some of them might even see the kingdom before me or any other celebrity in this world. So I don’t think anybody will see what I did as a bad thing, I mean, I want people to realize that while you need to gather your well-endowed friends to celebrate your birthday, you also need to call on the needy, show them love, care and show them that they can as well live the same lifestyle you live. Give them support and impact hope in them.
So what will you say probably to some of your colleagues who prefer partying in clubs instead of cutting out of this cake?
I just want them to realize that there are offsprings out there who need their money, who need that celebration, and who needs the fun, so they should stop wasting the money on parties, rather, provide whatever you are capable of doing to these hopeless populace.
Uche at 30, can you reveal to us about marital life?
Oh my god, I never marry o, I am still single o, but not searching ooo! There are lots of unpleasant stories written about me on the pages of newspapers, which has never been factual. One of it was the pregnancy tale, I have never been pregnant before, and no body saw me with pregnancy, and I don’t know the reason why people will disseminate such stories about me, I’m not married yet. Another one was the senator saga; I am not dating any senator. I am automatically out of that league that many believe that I am playing in, I don’t know why people have bad feelings about me, thinking may be I am one of the ladies that keep Aristo, and all of that, for your information I am totally out of that, because I don’t have time for all those kinds of things. It is not that I don’t want to involve my self in a relationship, but I feel there’s more to it than all that, you know, I’m not that kind of person, indeed Uche Iwuji is single and she doesn’t have that kind of time to waste.
How did they come about the news because before journalists write anything, they must have gotten a tip?
What they referred to was not what they think, in the news, they indicated that it was at Paul Obasi’s birthday and a lot of people were present, and there was no senator at the event; people at the occasion are my already known friends, so I was shocked when I saw the news on the pages of magazines that I followed the senator to his house, and I didn’t see any senator for goodness sake, every guest at the event was a partner to Nollywood, so I don’t know why they wrote that kind of assaulting stories about me, forgetting that we are all the same.
Did you actually storm the bash with a specific man or what?
I didn’t go with any male friend, I was at the event with female friends, not only female friends, but the customary faces people have been seeing with me before, and I left the premises alone.
So right now what are your plans for marriage?
For now, marriage is out of it, but if it comes I will accept it, because there are lots of things I’m doing that I would like to focus on and pay full concentration on.
As an Igbo girl, do you think that time is still on your side to stay longer before getting married?
Yeah, in our tradition, you have to get married at an early age, but with the kind of explosions in marriages we have and all that, we have to deal with our success first before you think of dealing with another person, so I’m just there; when it comes I go with it and if it doesn’t come on time. I will wait for God’s time, because His time is the best. Marriage is something that every girl wants to achieve and if it comes, why not; I will get married and once I get married I will be off the scene for like five years, so as to consolidate my marriage. Because I really need to know what I’m doing in my matrimony. I want to spend more time with my man.
Do you mean movies snatch most of the time from you artistes?
Yes it does. It takes a lot of our time and so many things and if you want to do movies, you have to think twice before dabbling into it.
There was this rumour on your neck that you and Ego are lesbian partners. How factual is that?
It was really funny when I saw the news. Ego was my class mate at the University of Lagos, and she is like a sister to me; that very day referred to happened to be my birthday and she came to celebrate with me which influenced the idea of giving me a birthday peck, and the next thing I will see was to see it on the pages of magazines. And it was her fault, because she put it on her Black Berry and people were spreading the picture with bad intentions. I am a child of God; I am not into these entire things that the media are writing about me. Though I felt so bad when I saw the news but even at that I will just laugh and say may God forgive the writer because he or she does not know the implication of what they are doing. You can’t say because you want to write front a page story for your organization and start writing fallacies about people. It is unfair, if the king of this world is not seeing you, have you forgotten the one in heaven? And do not forget that we are all human beings. Fine, I appreciate the fact that the media is the eye, hear and mouth of the society, you tell us where we have made mistakes so that we can adjust, but not the one that will tarnish our images.
Has it in one way or the other affected your career?
Not at all. People read meanings to things, there are people that will see you and make conclusion that you are a lesbian and they will put it upon themselves as if it happened in their presence. In their minds, that is what they think, but to me, I know myself and those who are lesbians know themselves. No matter how you want to prove yourself, they won’t believe and probably may be when they are more rapid and conversant with you and then realize that you are not what they used to think before they could believe you. So it has not given me any bad image in the industry, and everybody has his or her own mind to judge.
Aside all these issues we have been dealing with, there are other unpleasant stories about you, what do you have to say about them?
Well, may be because I don’t really have the time to clear myself out of these scandals and controversies that are making the rounds about me; now I have come and anybody that wants to paint my name negatively, should go ahead with it, but don’t forget that one day you will also bear your own children and they will surely become what I am today or even higher than that, then the revenge will be visited on your kids and I believe that then they will also feel the same thing I feel in my mind any time I see all these stories. And I shall deal with anyone that writes what is not genuine about me now.
No, they think because I don’t talk whenever I see the stories, or probably may be when they call for interviews, I don’t give them chances, but once they request for interview and you grant them, they will ask the normal questions but when they are doing the transcription, they insert their own opinions, I mean what they had in mind before the interview which is not supposed to be. If you want to interview me, fine, but quote me rightly, you don’t write what I did not say under my statement and push it to me.
Do you have any message to your fans?
Thank you all for loving me, despite the fact that there have been many bad tales flying around me, you still want to read, watch and hear about me, thank you all, May God almighty not let you down in all your endeavours. And I also promise not to let you down in terms of giving you positive best of me.

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