Wednesday, 7 September 2011


In this expansive world, not every body will accede that there are things that are more shameful to stealing, and as the adage goes, there’s nothing as sweet as contentment, but when one refuses to be contented, he or she might mostly be receiving unexpected embarrassment. Though there is no one stealing or not contented with what they have here but Tiwa Salvages’s attitude on this fateful day proved that she is not contented with what she has. She goes by her sonorous voice and nimbleness in rendering what she claims to know how to do best, singing which has gained her more fans and recognition when she released a fantastic track kelekele love, last year which we can authoritatively tell you without collecting a Kobo from you that bagged her Best Hip Hop Artiste of the Year. But for the fact that she won the award and she was also nominated for another set of category where sensational singer Goldie turned her back to the wall over the award, Tiwa was so proud of herself, parading the event like an old soldier as if she was going to the Second World War. That is not even anybody’s business but what she did that baffled mongers that hinted SE this gist, was her attitude when she was called by pen pushers who wanted to celebrate her as she was busy telling them that she cannot grant them any interview, and they should go and meet a guy and collect his mobile number, who was busy moving around together with her or may be they are both warming up for the war so as to fix appointment with them, but unfortunately for her when she got inside, the category was not called on time and when the winner was announced, and she found out that she was not the winner, the singer just made use of the back entrance to spirit out of the occasion. What a shameful disappointment.

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