Wednesday, 7 September 2011


When a man is hustling for survival, no one would associate or reckon with him, but as soon as God butters his bread, it is then he becomes the relation of many homes. Contrary to the achievements of this vocalist, there are numerous tales flying around town and this may, probably be based on the way the artiste flaunts inexhaustible wealth without caring who is watching. One of the controversies trailing the singer is that any time he graces occasions, the manner which this guy wastes money is out of the way. He was said to have graced an occasion two Saturdays ago at Ikeja where he was spraying dollars as if money was like sand which you can just go on the street and pack. As if that was not enough, he was said to have flung out huge amount of money from his car to the area boys that were at the event when he was leaving. Another controversy was that, whenever this guy is going to an event, the auto mobile he makes use of are actually not his own, that he does borrow them from a friend who is into car business. But SE, refused to accede to this claim; and thus went further for more investigation of the story rather than disseminating a false news. In our findings, we gathered that the wealth that Kingsley of the duo of KC Presh is lavishing out actually belongs to his elder brother, who is into Oil & Gas and also into importation of Auto mobile. However information also revealed that it was this brother of his, whose name is Emeka that is the back bone of the duo of KC PRESH before their sudden separation, after one of them got married. Let us believe that all these are still rumours, but his ways of enjoying life to the fullest still make the bad belles think may be he belongs to the list of artistes who are into other unpleasant vocation and only use music to cover up. But SE will be elated if this guy called KC can easily make known to us the truth of this story.

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